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The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

This thread is for entering the giveaway once you have fully met the other qualifications listed in the giveaway thread.

DO NOT post here until you have met all other qualifications.

The final qualification is to post in this thread below and tell us why you want to win this projector and your intended use for it.

Remember that this thread is only here for qualification and entry and should NOT be used as a discussion, comment or question thread. Use the original giveaway thread instead.

Of course if you post here and you are not qualified, we will remove your post without notice to you.

Thanks and good luck!
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

It looks like I qualify!!!
I would love to win this projector, so I can get my wife something nice for Christmas, instead of saving up for a new bulb in the one I currently have!!
I'm a huge fan of all things A/V related..This has become my favorite website!!
Keep up the great work guys and thanks for another awesome giveaway!!!!
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I think I qualify now!

I'm currently building my dedicated HT in my basement. The room will have a short soffit around the room and is 12'3" wide by 19'11" long with a 7'3" ceiling height before treatments.

My plans are to hang the PJ from the rear soffit by a bracket. If I find that the PJ is too loud I have put in provisions to mount it within a hush box.

I will be building a stage and a false wall complete with an AT DIY screen using two layers of spandex. I've been back and forth on screen size and the mounting height off the floor but am holding off until I know which PJ I'll have. If I win this giveaway it will take care of all of the guess work for me! I'm also on a VERY tight budget for my build so winning a PJ would be incredible.

I've never had a dedicated HT, let alone a PJ. This is my first home and I got the okay from the wife to finish the basement including my dedicated room as long as I finish the other side too which will be our family room/bar area.

I have a 3 year old son and he's already excited for the theater to be done! I'm going to make my own movie poster acoustic panels using HQ images of his favorite super heros. I'm also using his favorite color, blue throughout the room.

Since we have pets I haven't been able to use my audio gear since the cat loves to scratch woodwork. He's ruined the cabinets of my DIY Tritrix mains in my loving room. My Klipsch RF62's are stuck in a locked room, not connected to anything so they don't get the same abuse. They're just waiting to be wired into my HT once it's complete.

If I win this PJ it would give me the last and most important piece of equipment for my room other than the surrounds and center speakers which I'll be getting for Christmas. So a PJ truly is the last piece of the puzzle to complete my room. Also, I have a feeling that my wife is sensitive to the rainbow effects of DLP projectors, so I've been researching LCD projectors for our room. Due to price, I've been saving up for the Epson 8350. This Panny would be even better for my room!

Sorry for such a long post but I'm excited at a chance at winning something so cool and fitting for my room. I've been a member here for years but took that long to read and digest the methods and experience of all the great build threads found throughout this awesome forum before starting my own build thread. I enjoy this forum over the others available to our interests in AV, as the members here seem more down to earth and less egotistical. These giveaways are icing on the cake!

Thank you Sonny and HTS!!!

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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

I am pretty sure I qualify, This is awesome that you give away so many things on this sight! I would use the projector to have one in the bedroom to replace our broken TV. My wife wants to spend money on a new tv but a new projector would be cheaper and bigger!
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

Looks like I'm in now too

This projector would be an excellent basis to build a new HT off of. We just recently were relocated back to Washington from Oregon (where I didn't have a HT basically at all and had to shut off my subs b/c we were in a townhouse!) and have only been able to set up the living room so far. The basement where I had the HT before is currently acting as a play room for the kids. When I had the HT before it was a central point for our family to spend time together not only watching movies but we play a lot of Wii together too

I want to get that back and had sold off my PJ and screen before moving so I'm starting from scratch. We don't have a ton of disposable income as we've chosen for my wife to only work part time so she can spend more time with the kids. Giveaways such as this make attaining the goal much more realistic.

Thanks Sonnie for building this place, it really is the best forum on the net!


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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

I am pretty sure I'm now qualified!

If I were to be lucky enough to win this I have a finished basement itching for a theater area. My upstairs just isn't conducive to good movie watching since I have to angle the tv off the wall to face the couch. Consequently, my audio setup is so far from even close to optimal I rarely even use it with movies since the L is around 4 feet from the main seat and the R is around 12 feet.

So all my very limited audio stuff would go downstairs and I would make a DIY screen at some point (probably use the wall for a while until I could convince my wife we needed an actual screen )

Thanks for such a generous giveaway, Sonnie! Good luck everyone!
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I had a Panny 4000, loved it. Had no intention of selling it. I did sell a house with a theater room. Before selling I pulled out all my gear and cobbled together an inexpensive system to use as an enticement to prospective home buyers. I had intended to pick up a cheap used "ok" PJ, but never got the chance. Bye-bye Panny. I'm starting construction in the new basement this winter and will be needing a PJ, but this time the budget would not allow PT-AE4000 quality. Another in a long line of downgrades. My new job doesn't allow extravagant AV purchases, but I do get to spend more time with my kids. No regrets there.

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I believe I am now qualified and would love to win this projector. For starters I probably wouldn't be able to afford a nice projector for quite some time and I am a bit partial to panasonic video products. I have really wanted to install a projector in our main room for movie nights. We constantly have friends over and I really enjoy our panasonic VT60 but it would be nice to have a screen drop down from the ceiling in front of the plasma for those movie nights where 15 people are over trying to get the best seat in the house. It would be a privilege to win this projector and knowing how Sonnie takes care of his gear, whoever wins it will be very happy with its performance.
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

I believe I am qualified.
I am currently building a modest theater in my basement, the plan is to have two rows of seating with three seats per row. I have been slowly purchasing the audio equipment as I do the construction (receiver, 7 channel amp, and some of the speakers so far) Winning this projector would lift a huge financial burden and allow for some upgrades to other equipment, like a bigger subwoofer
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Re: The Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector Giveaway Qualification Thread

Why do I want/need this projector? To replace our Toshiba DLP TV that's several years old. The WAF of a NOT having to buy a projector would go SUCH a long way since that would mean only buying a screen. And I'm sure once she sees how big and beautiful the picture is from this projector she'll want one in every room (well...maybe not EVERY room)!

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