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Ideal Projector distance?

I have started a dedicated HT and have a few questions.

The dimensions of the room are 15Wx20L. The projector most likely will be placed 9 feet from the screen. I have the flexibility to go as big as I want with the screen.

Here are my questions

1. What can I expect to get out of a projector with that short of a distance.....or that distance not that short? Would I have to get a short throw lense?

2. What would be a nice screen size for that size room?

Help. Thanks
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

We can all toss you some suggestions as to what we like for screen size, but ultimately it will be your decision. I would suggest reading Your Projector Screen: How big should it be? from Projector Central. Generally I would suggest to be able to sit from the screen at least 1.5 times your screen width. Screen width is 84" (7')... you would want to be at least 10.5' from the screen.

Throw distance will be determined by which projector you choose. 9' should give you plenty of flexibility though. If you look at projectors at Projector Central... for instance the Panasonic PT-AE2000U ... notice down next the "Throw" you will see a small icon... ... Click on that icon and give it a few seconds to load the Throw Calculator. You can experiment with throw distance vs. screen size.
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

2nd that on the ProjectorCentral calculator. I used it extensively.

Depending on seating distance and room obstacles, you should do fine with anything between 92" and 120" My room is 11' wide, 92" screen, seating distance or around 9' (front row). Even from the back row (15' back), the screen looks great.
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

A general rule of thumb to remember is that the farther you have the projector away from the screen the less bright it will be. That calculator mentioned above is a must use when designing your placement of the projector.

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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

If this is your first projector and screen, my advice is not to go too small on the screen size..
I first started out with a 96" screen, thinking that would be plenty big enough..
Three months later I changed it to a 106" screen, and then further down the track to a 120" screen.
A big screen gives you that real theatre feeling and you feel very much a part of the action...
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

thanks a ton for the answers. I visited my theater guy today and he said I should seriousely consider moving the projector back to 12-15 feet.

This will be very difficult as a soffett runs right throught the theater at that rather then have the projector place in the soffett (nobody will see it), it would have to be on the other side (wouldnt make a pleasent site).

I went to projector central and it appears only ONE projector can truely accomadate the 9 foot throw with a 100+ screen size. This could be an issue
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

Well... again, this is what I meant by we can all toss you suggestions, but it will ultimately be up to you and what you will like and based on the projector you choose.

Many of the projector gods (so to speak) advised me not to use more than 110" screen with my new Panny PT-AE2000U and preferably stay at 100" or less. Supposedly, with my PJ, when I start to get larger, quality goes down... as is the case with some projectors. I'd say the Panny 2000 is one of the better projectors. However, that quality difference may not be noticeable to some as much as others.

Personally I cannot imagine going any bigger than my 97" screen in my room. I've actually considered making it a little smaller at around 92", just to squeeze out that extra tidbit of performance as well as make my screen a little more fitting to my room. 97" is just soooo big to me, it is sometimes more than we really need.

I would try to view various screen sizes in a room equivalent to yours.

You are right though... 9' doesn't appear to be as good as I originally thought. I would only be able to get a 91" screen with my 2000 and that is at full zoom.
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

I know how you feel Mavo... for me the projector is the "last great unknown". I'm still annoyed I can't get a native 2.35:1 projector!

One thing I can add: if you're thinking of adding an anamorphic lens at any point, a short-throw ratio may produce some unwanted keystoning (usually something only a curved screen can rectify). So long-throw is your best friend, in this case...

Just something to add to the mix
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

I measured today and it appears I can place the projector between 10-12 feet.....within the soffet. This to me might work but I need to research at projector central. I also determined that my max screen width can be 95" which would put the heigth at 53"......for a 16:9 ratio

I will attach pics tonight
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

Ideal Projector distance?-theater1.bmp.jpg

Name:  theater2.bmp.jpg
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Size:  35.2 KB

the first photo is of the back wall where the screen will go, second pic is of the problem......soffet


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