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Just Kurt 01-26-12 09:47 AM

Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

Hello all! So I am relatively new to the AV world and need some advice. About two years ago I inherited a set of pretty high end speakers. A set of Thiel CS1 L/R mains, a Thiel Center channel, a Definitive powered sub and a pair of Paradigm reference surround speakers. Being pretty ignorant to high end audio gear, for the last two years have been driving all of these with a low end Onkyo (TX-SR507) receiver. Well, a few days ago the voice coils / drivers in both of the Thiels decided to go away. I dropped the speakers off to a Thiel dealer here in town and am having the drivers replaced. The gentleman that owns the dealer has told me that I definitely want to be driving these speakers with a higher end receiver that will be better for driving a 4 ohm speaker like the Thiels. He has recommended two that are within my price point / budget range:

-Marantz SR5006


NAD T748

I have been doing quite a bunch of research on both of these models and quite frankly, my head is spinning and I have hit a brick wall as far as making a decision between the two. They are both apparently very good pieces of equipment. From what I understand, the NAD is well known for audio quality, but lacks the bells and whistles that the Marantz would offer. But I have also seen a lot of "talk" around the web of NAD equipment having pretty severe reliability issues. It seems to be mixed where people either love NAD equipment or they hate it. I also asked the Thiel guy about other brands / models such as Pioneer Elite and higher end Onkyo. He told me that the Pioneer Elite receivers are all digital and that in his opinion I wouldn't be happy with the sound quality and that the Onkyo stuff is good, but not in the same playing field as Marantz or NAD. So I guess I'm just looking for advice and opinions from folks that are more knowledgeable than myself and aren't trying to sell me something. So when I do go back to buy I am a little more...educated? Ok, before this turns into a novel, I'll leave it at that and look forward to any input!

Anthony 01-26-12 09:57 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

Don't sell the Marantz short on audio quality. Marantz has always been a "music first" brand that kept up with the bells and whistels of the home theater industry.

The SR5006 is a fine receiver.

That said, NAD is a great company too, but you are correct, many of their products are bare-bones.

Onkyo makes the whole range (entry to elite) and their top tier stuff is really good; but I have always preferred the Marantz. You can't go wrong with any of these at that price point.

Anthony 01-26-12 09:57 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

Oh, and welcome to the Shack!

tonyvdb 01-26-12 10:09 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

I Agree, I have the 6005 and its a nice receiver for the money. Bang for buck I would look at the Onkyo 709. it can be found for really good prices on Newegg or at Accessories4less

Just Kurt 01-26-12 10:10 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

Hey thanks Anthony and glad to be here. That's about what I was thinking and I feel like I was leaning towards the Marantz. So your pretty convinced that I will hear a noticeable difference in sound quality moving up from the TX-SR507 that I'm currently running?

Just Kurt 01-26-12 10:14 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

Tony, it's funny that you mention the 709. I actually had that in my "shopping cart" at Crutchfield before I dropped off the Thiel's for repair. But when I spoke to the dealer he told me that in his opinion I would be a lot happier with the Marantz or NAD. But that 709 is almost $400 less than the NAD. Hmmm...:blink:

MikeBiker 01-26-12 10:43 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

The Onkyo 709 compares quite well with the Marantz SR5006. Both would be an improvement over the SR507 that you now have. I am a little prejudiced toward the Onkyo as I recently bought one. It had all the features that I wanted and the price was very reasonable.

Just Kurt 01-26-12 10:49 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

Yeah, still looking. And I can land the Onkyo NR809 for about $100 more than the Marantz and the same price as the NAD. This is overwhelming. I'm sure I'd be happy with either, but still feel the need to make an educated decision. Let me ask this. The Marantz only has pre-outs for FL, FR & Sub whilst the Onkyo provides pre-outs for the entire 7.1 system. How important is factoring this in if I decide to eventually upgrade my system with a power amp. Or is a power amp never really going to be necessary?

informel 01-26-12 10:51 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

I have a 709 as well, it has all the bells and whistels (8 HDMI in, 2 out, Audissey, etc) for a lot less than competition.

Audissey calibration is very good.

ALMFamily 01-26-12 10:56 AM

Re: Best Receiver Advice / Opinions

As an owner of the Onkyo 809 model, I am slightly prejudiced. :bigsmile: However, I have seen it said quite a few times that Onkyo has one of the best amplifier stages available.

I am not familiar with the Marantz or NAD, but I do know that the 709 has preouts that will allow you to drive those excellent speakers with an amp should you ever fall prey to upgradeitis (and Lord knows we all do :coocoo:).

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