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Jungle Jack 09-18-12 09:10 PM

Denon AVR-4520CI Official Owners, Discussion and Information Thread

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Here is the Denon USA Press Release for the forthcoming AVR-4311/4810 tweener. I did not realize that Bain Capital owns D&M. So far the only Denon USA info is this PDF which I converted to a Word Document.


“Performance is Everything”; New Denon Flagship Features Apple's AirPlay and Epitomizes the Company’s Leadership and Expertise in Advanced Home Entertainment

Indianapolis, IN, September 5, 2012 – Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home entertainment components, is proud to announce the launch of its flagship In-Command® AV receiver, the 9.2-channel AVR-4520CI ($2,499.99).The powerful AV receiver offers users an unprecedented level of expandability, networking options and Internet connectivity. The AVR-4520CI features Apple’s AirPlay, allowing users to stream their iTunes music whether from Mac or PC, as well as music stored on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.*

Reflecting the D+M Group’s guiding philosophy, “Performance is Everything,” the Denon flagship includes a host of leading-edge audio capabilities for a powerful and immersive soundscape, ideal for accurate music reproduction, as well as cinema-like home theater sound. The AVR-4520CI AV receiver will be available beginning this month.

With its elegant front-panel design, larger character displays, richer graphics and newly designed GUI interface – the AVR-4520CI leads Denon’s 2012 receiver lineup as a clear reflection of the company’s expertise in creating components that truly enhance a user’s lifestyle and “connected” home entertainment experience.

Seamless Connectivity to All Today’s Popular Content Sources, Including Spotify With its streamlined new design and easy-to-access front-panel inputs, as well as 4K and 3-D video capability, the 150 watt x 9.2-channel AVR-4520CI provides access to all today’s popular content sources. Notably, Denon recently partnered with Spotify to incorporate the award-winning digital music service in its new and upcoming products, including the AVR-4520CI. Owners of the AVR-4520CI with a Spotify Premium subscription will now be able to enjoy a more personalized music listening experience, bringing a nearly unlimited number of songs into their homes. The flagship also provides access to popular content sources including Sirius XM, vTuner Internet radio and Pandora**. The receiver also features Direct Connectivity for iOS devices via a front panel USB input.

Reflecting Denon Heritage of Audio Excellence
Superior audio performance has always been a hallmark of Denon, and the new flagship, with its built-in 150 watts x 9.2 channel, lives up to the Denon tradition in every way. The multi-mono block amp construction ensures top audio quality, and the free assign amp configuration allows maximum system configuration flexibility, making it ideal for custom integrators who want to provide their clients with the ultimate system for every conceivable lifestyle need.

The AVR-4520CI’s incredible surround sound performance is made possible by Denon’s exclusive Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit (DDSC-HD32) technology, which dispenses with conventional all-in-one chips in favor of a trio of high power 32 bit floating point DSP processors. For the utmost fidelity, the AVR-4520CI is equipped with multiple high resolution 192 kHz/32 bit D/A converters, operating in differential mode for the widest dynamic range. Additionally, the unit’s 11.2-channel processing capability has been newly expanded to accommodate leading edge dts Neo:X.

Centerpiece of a Whole Home System
The AVR-4520CI can be the centerpiece of a 4-zone system, including the main room plus three additional playback areas, with independent sources available for each zone. The unit’s seven HDMI inputs and triple HDMI outputs allow for a one wire connection for both picture and sound from most newer audio/video sources, such as set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players. The AVR-4520CI allows for the connection of up to three different HDMI equipped displays; users can now send two different HDMI feeds to two displays at the same time directly from the receiver, eliminating the need for costly external switches and extra remote control complexity. The AVR-4520CI incorporates true multi-zone HDMI audio/video distribution with the inclusion of HDMI matrix switching functionality.

IN-COMMAND Also Means Custom Integration-Friendly
Custom integrators will appreciate the fact that Audyssey MultEQ XT32 Auto Setup and Calibration allows for total ease and accuracy of set-up, along with the ability to use the advanced Audyssey Pro installer kit, which measures ideal sonic performance in up to 32 different positions, defining the ultimate sound quality for virtually any size or shaped room. The AVR-4520CI also features two Audyssey technologies designed to optimize bass performance. Audyssey Sub EQ HT provides individual tailoring for each subwoofer in a dual subwoofer setup, delivering the optimum combination of highest deep bass output and lowest distortion. Audyssey LFC processing analyzes and processes bass content on a continuous basis and custom tailors the sound via advanced psychoacoustic algorithms to deliver dynamic bass response within the listening room without annoying family members or neighbors in adjacent rooms.

The unit also features remote access via the Internet, RS-232 and IP Control for third-party controllers and is Control4 certified. The powerful amplifier section features Denon’s Free Amp Assign function, which lets users configure the receiver to exactly match the needs of an integrated home theater or multi-zone setup.

Yoshinori Yamada, Product Planning Manager for D+M noted: “When Denon created our new flagship AV receiver, we wanted to present a component that would truly

epitomize our corporate principle that ‘Performance is Everything.’ To achieve this goal, we needed to craft a receiver that would not only deliver the leading-edge audio capabilities for which Denon is renowned, but also provide our customers with the very latest in advanced connectivity to all their favorite entertainment sources. With the very latest audio and video processing technologies, the AVR-4520CI delivers performance on par with much more expensive separate components, and includes a host of networking features designed to harmonize with portable devices as well as provide compatibility with major brands of home automation and custom integration system controllers.”

* AirPlay requires iTunes 10.1 or later and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.2 or later. A home Wi-Fi network is required.

** Some services may require a subscription

For more information on Denon, visit http://usa.denon.com. Become a fan of Denon on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/denonusa or follow Denon on Twitter at http://twitter.com/denonus.

# # #

About Denon Electronics
Denon is a world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality home theater, audio and software products. Denon is recognized internationally for innovative and groundbreaking products and has a long history of technical innovations, including the development and groundbreaking commercialization of PCM digital audio. Denon Electronics is owned by D&M Holdings Inc.

About D+M Group
D+M Group is a global company dedicated to enhancing life through inspired sound solutions delivered anytime, anywhere. With a strong belief that “Performance is everything,” D+M is focused on innovation to meet the needs of customers in an increasingly digital world. Serving the consumer, professional and automotive markets, D+M Group brands include Allen & Heath, Boston Acoustics®, Calrec Audio, Denon®, Denon DJ, Denon Professional, Marantz®, Marantz Professional, McIntosh® Laboratory and Premium Sound Solutions. D+M Group has approximately 2,000 employees worldwide, with products and services marketed in more than 45 countries. D+M Group is a Bain Capital portfolio company.

Looks pretty nice. I am somewhat concerned about it being a 9 Channel AVR and weighing under 40lbs. Especially as it is going to be priced between the 4311 and 4810. I am quite curious about Audyssey LFC (Low Frequency Containment) but would guess it will be quite effective. It is a much more attractive Industrial Design than the 4311 (IMO) and in this regard does seem to split the middle.


Denon AVR-4520CI Receiver Review by Sonnie Parker

Jungle Jack 09-18-12 09:17 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

I do not see the weight listed here, but according to the Denon Australia Website, it weighs 16.5 Kilograms which comes out to just under 37lbs.

Sevenfeet 09-18-12 09:37 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

D&M is controlled by Bain? I guess I have to trash my two Denon receivers now! :)

But seriously, it's good that this receiver is finally released, a little late from the earlier 2013 lineup but more money than I can certainly spend.

Jungle Jack 09-18-12 09:50 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

It is interesting with Onkyo now being owned by Gibson and D&M being run by Bain Capital. I suppose BC is probably not a great deal different than how D&M were originally run and how ShoreView runs Paradigm, Anthem, MartinLogan and I am sure I am forgetting another brand.

I realize I brought up Bain Capital controlling D&M, but just as a heads up to all, please do keep politics out of general conversation. Especially with the Presidential Election just around the corner, it is all too easy for there to be frayed feelings. I truly mentioned it as I had no idea D&M had been sold.

ericzim 09-19-12 07:05 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

I think the design looks very nice. I have always liked the way Denon chooses not to clutter the front with decals and always manages to keep a sleek design.

Jungle Jack 09-19-12 07:07 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

I really like the way the 4520 looks. However, the 4311 never looked like a $2000 AVR to me.

Jungle Jack 09-20-12 11:59 AM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

Here is the Denon USA Page:http://usa.denon.com/us/product/page...4520ci(denonna)

ellisr63 09-20-12 12:35 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread

Will the Denon allow 1 wire HDMI output to another room (essentially pass through for audio and video) where you could have another receiver?

Jungle Jack 09-20-12 12:54 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread


ellisr63 wrote: (Post 550486)
Will the Denon allow 1 wire HDMI output to another room (essentially pass through for audio and video) where you could have another receiver?

Interesting question. I would think you could connect the HDMI from the 4520 into another AVR's HDMI Inputs and use it in that manner.

ellisr63 09-20-12 01:27 PM

Re: Denon AVR-4520CI Discussion Thread


Jungle Jack wrote: (Post 550489)
Interesting question. I would think you could connect the HDMI from the 4520 into another AVR's HDMI Inputs and use it in that manner.

That is what I was thinking but will the audio also go down the HDMI using one of the 3 display out HDMIs?

This statement makes me think it might although it might require a digital cable for audio...

"The AVR-4520CI incorporates true multi-zone HDMI audio/video distribution with the inclusion of HDMI matrix switching functionality."

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