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Owen Bartley 08-09-16 10:54 AM

Re: The Popcorn Thread


Bob in St. Louis wrote: (Post 1356105)
Never tried mixing the oils. Hmmmm..... Sounds interesting!

Bob, that was my neighbour's idea. He got a machine after he saw mine, and he uses it several nights a week. He mostly uses canola oil, since I guess it's a little less fatty(?) and he wants to keep things a little healthier since he eats it so often. This was my compromise to do a bit of the same, and also to save on the cost of the coconut oil, which seems to have jumped in price since we bought our big tub at Costco. Still get the flavour of the coconut, which is nice.

Bob in St. Louis 08-11-16 08:33 AM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Ya know, I actually forgot all about mixing the oils. Thanks for the reminder! Honestly though, I *thought* coconut oil was healthier than canola?
As far as cost, we're paying about a dollar a pound for coconut from Amazon (last I remember).

Owen Bartley 08-15-16 03:43 PM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Bob, I had to look it up, but it appears canola is mostly unsaturated fats, vs. the opposite for coconut. There appear to be other health benefits as well, if this source is actually legitimate. It was just the first one I happened to find when I couldn't remember the reason my neighbour made the switch.


Bob in St. Louis 08-15-16 10:55 PM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

I've seen many articles regarding "CO" (coconut oil) as MUCH better for the human body than the "typical" oils used in modern kitchens.
Folks are using CO as skin cream, they're taking spoonfuls of it as a modern day elixir, spreading it on their hair as beneficial....etc..etc..etc...
Whatever. There's no argument that CO is harmful, and studies show it's actually beneficial, and the best part for me is that it tastes better than Canola.
It makes the popcorn have a sharper crunch, as opposed to canola where the popcorn tastes wet, heavy, greasy, and soggy.

So..... At the end of the day, I'm not overly worried about mixing it with anything else for any reason other than it might be a boost for flavor.
I still haven't torn myself away from a 100% recipe of CO as the mainstay on my popcorn.
But like any other "vice" in life, everything is in moderation.

p.s. In hindsight, I used "CO" as an abbreviation for Coconut Oil, but it dawned on me that "CO" would be used for "Canola Oil" as well.
I meant Coconut.

Owen Bartley 08-16-16 10:27 AM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Bob, I'm with you for the most part. I'm certainly not trying to push the canola agenda on anyone. lol. We use the coconut in a lot of other cooking, a spoonful goes into the baby's bath to help moisturize, and I need to use at least SOME in the popcorn to get the right flavour. It's great stuff. I might go back to 100% coconut next time to see if I notice the difference. We haven't been making it very often lately, so I'm not worried about the extra fat. :)

Bob in St. Louis 08-16-16 11:16 AM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Good deal Owen.
By the way, I meant to post the oil I get, in case anyone is interested.
So far, we've been through four gallons since the beginning of this thread.

Rolkin 09-08-16 05:21 AM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Well I bought the Black Great Northern 8oz popcorn maker about 6 months ago.

When it arrived from Amazon the top portion was dented in a bit and the bottom tray was also dented. I had to hammer the dent in the other direction so the kernel tray would slide in and out. The warming bulb burned out after about 2 days and I thought it would be easy to replace it, but spot lamp bulbs or even just 60W light bulbs aren't as easy to come by at the store. Everything seems to be getting replaced by LED bulbs. Other than that, it's been great.

I also just bought the box of prepackaged popcorn that I had listed in my earlier post. (Same stuff I've seen at the theater.) It makes a difference; the popcorn seems larger and drier than the Paragon but holy cow is there a TON of salt in the package. I think 3 Tbs is excessive for 8oz of popcorn, so I usually cut the salt portion open and dump about half of the flavorcol in the trash then cut it open and dump it all in the pan. It's quicker and less messy than measuring everything out separately and I think it's really the way to go for a dark theater room setup.

To be honest I think I liked the flavor or the separate components a little better but this is easy enough that the wife doesn't mind making popcorn now. She likes this popcorn better and it's also cheaper to buy this way.

Links below for reference:



Bob in St. Louis 09-08-16 08:28 AM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Based on the size of that Flavacol packet, yea... that's a BUNCH of salt!
I use about 3/4 tps of Flavacol to make two large bowls of popcorn.

JQueen 10-03-16 03:00 PM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

coconut oil + Himalayan Pink salt the best combo I've had yet

Bob in St. Louis 10-03-16 08:57 PM

Re: The Popcorn Thread

Hmmm, that sounds like a great combo!!

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