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Hi tom. Yes, I actually am using 3 subs in my system with a 4th to follow soon.
Just to be clear, Audyssey does all the measurements you mentioned. It also does EQ for a flat response. That's why the majority of us rely on it. That's NOT to say one should use it blindly. The un-eq'd" statements were with that in mind, and why that is, is because when audyssey "does its thing", it will only EQ above the point at which it has set its crossover. That's why it doesn't matter if you raise the crossover after the cal. All the filters will still be in place. If you lower it however, the range between where audyssey set the crossover, and a new "lower hz" entry(rolloff range notwithstanding) won't be equalized by Audyssey. I hope that was more clear an explanation.
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Tom, here's some good reading. Plenty of links to side track you. Lol. You mentioned not having audyssey, so I thought this might shed a little light. It's proof of why you should use audyssey, why you shouldn't trust it blindly, and how to use it to it's potential.
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Re: Don't always trust the auto calibration

TomFord wrote: View Post
Bigk, sure thing. Wis I had help 5 mon the ago when I started, so I'd be happy to. Just send me a private message if I don't get you an answer by tomorrow

Cal - "Still, just setting the crossover from 200Hz to 60/80Hz is hardly an ideal solution since it means that the intervening frequency is not equalized"

Cal are you only referring to systems without a subwoofer? Could you clarify? Doesn't make sense the way I read it. Even without a sub where the beginning of the signal that's audible, 20-30 or 20-40Hz depending on the quality of your front speakers is handled by the sub IF your front L & R are not set to full band. If they are set to full every other speaker (let's say they rest are set at 80Hz which is what they should be at for most in my opinion) in your system sends everything that's asked of it below 80Hz to the front L & R channels. Another reason few should have them set to full band, not many can handle that range nor the volume of it. What isn't equalized? They're are only 2 scenarios. 1st is your sub or mains can't handle producing the low bass of 20-30Hz. 2nd is they can. Regardless of the settings those are the only two outcomes. Sure, adjusting settings can help with the discrepancy but it's 1 of the 2 scenarios nonetheless. What's not equalized?

Read more:

Do you have a sub?

Never owned Audyssey. Does it adjust or set anything aside from distance, crossover, and level calibration? Don't believe it does, yet my apologies if incorrect. I don't understand how 50-80 would be "un eq'd", how do you mean? Is it making an adjustment that no other auto calibration sets? If it set your mains at 80 & you switched them to 50, given your speakers can produce that which most can, nothing should be un eq'd. The subwoofer would simply be passing off what it produces at 50Hz opposed to 80Hz for the mains, not the other channels . If you didn't have a sub this wouldn't apply as it would force you to set it at full brand, completly ignoring what the mains can produce.
I don't mean how they spin the description so ridiculously in the advertising that probably has Joe Consumer saying "I don't know what that means, but yeah" Like how is says something like "measures over 10,000 points in your listening place" all its doing is transmitting a signal and measuring what that signals level at the listening point where the microphone is placed vs what it transmitted from the speaker. If it had a camera, transmitted lights using a variation of waves like gamma which you couldn't do, or if it used radio waves which it does along with magnetic fields (what an MRI does) to do actual imaging then I'd defer. That fancy description of measing 10,000 points can be easily outdone. Go yell at your neighbor, if he's 2 houses down & can hear it you just measured at least 100,000 points. Know the Auddessy & other brands help, especially those new or uneducated in home theater. Too many defer to its simplistic methods when a few hours of research with a true understanding and the majority of people are better than any auto calibration
Here's the point.
1. Run Audyssey and it sets the crossover to 200Hz and EQ's down to 200Hz but not below.
2. Afterwards, you reset the crossover to 80Hz. The result is that Audyssey will EQ the speaker only down to 200Hz and it will EQ the sub only up to 80 or 120Hz. The range in between is not EQ-ed.

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I am not necessarily 'all in' on any of the room correction schemes but they are better than nothing and give the average consumer the ability to at least set levels and distances.
My experience with audessey and MCACC is, both set the crossover too low or identify speakers as full range when they are not so there's no crossover.
All in all it's probably better to weight the algorithm that direction that the other direction.
By this time I would think the sound mix would take into account surround speakers and even front mains are not full range (even in theaters) and the bulk of frequencies 80Hz and below would simply be on the LFE channel.
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