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Mirage_Man 07-30-15 07:55 AM

IB questions drivers, amps etc..

So I am about to build my first IB. The space for the back-wave that is approx. 150cuft. I am wondering what my best options are for size and number of drivers? I was thinking 2 15's such as the PE IB385-8. I understand the FI 15" gets a lot of love but I can't justify the cost difference unless it's a major leap in performance. I mean I can get nearly 4 of the PE drivers for the price of 2 FI drivers. I understand the Fi has more xmax but is it that much better? would two of them equal 4 PE drivers? And 4 for really needed for my space (2600 cuft)? I am not looking for plaster cracking levels but a good visceral sound should I want to.

It seems that the volume I have to work with is just about perfect for 2 15's in that it pretty close to the 10xVAS of 2 15's.

Also amplification... I have been using a Tempest in a sealed box for years powered off a single channel of an ATI 1502. It's rated to do 150x2 into 8ohms 225x2 4ohms or 450x1 8ohms (not spec'd for 4ohm mono) So my concern is that I can't bridge the amp for use with the PE drivers run into 4ohms. I'd have to run the amp in stereo at 2x150 with a splitter for a mono signal. Is that enough juice or do I need to start looking for another amp?Is that enough juice?

chrapladm 08-20-15 06:56 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

Have you simulated any of these drivers?

I only ask because many of your questions would be answered then. Also 4-10x Vas is the goal. If the driver is designed for a IB then 150watts will probably be fine. Most members that I know of who use a IB setup are only pushing about 3-500watts to each driver and that to an 18". Also there are many calculators online you can use to figure out what you will need for your wants. So I would think most people will want four 15's or more of Vd for IB setup. Lots of variables though.

Mirage_Man 08-20-15 09:49 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

chrapladm 08-21-15 01:03 AM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

Well glad to see you got it started and figured out then.:T

dan77 09-11-15 10:48 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

Any update to this build? the link does not work. I was wondering if having the two subs not be in a plenum (line array style) was causing any vibration issues? Very curious as to how this is going!

Mirage_Man 09-12-15 02:55 AM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

Odd, link works for me?

Nothing to report yet. Still constructing the rest of the wall and closets. Finished roughing out the wiring today. Just have to get the AV closet ventilation situation ironed out before sheet-rock goes up.



dan77 09-12-15 06:55 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

oh yeah.. it says I don't have permission. Guessing I have to sign up. Your build is cool, will check back to see how it is going. I am about 6 months out from starting my IB setup. Purchased the house knowing it would work well with IB. The wife is aware (critical of course) that I am going in this direction : )

chrapladm 09-12-15 07:36 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

It says you dont have permission to everyone that isnt registered there or logged in. I hate when forums are like that but it is what it is.

TigerGenetics 09-14-15 08:48 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

Just read through your thread over on the IB Cult forums. Great looking build!

Mirage_Man 01-01-16 09:52 PM

Re: IB questions drivers, amps etc..

Just thought I'd update the thread. I'm getting real close to being done with the living room remodel. Just need to install flooring, crown molding and base boards then paint all the trim.

The system is temporarily up and running but will require final wiring clean up and of course system equalizing. I've ordered a Minidsp and will soon order a UMIK-1 from Cross Spectrum once they are available.

First impressions of the IB without eq is quite positive although it's obvious there are issues induced by the room, sub placement and listener positions. I plan to go ahead and use my sealed Tempest in another location in the room to try to even out the response as best I can before employing equalization. I do however have the greatest sense that this will without a doubt be the cleanest bass I've ever had in home. I am very excited to say the least.

Please excuse the concrete floor. Hopefully it won't be long before I get the flooring in. We're very tired of living in a construction zone :).




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