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Kamil Leon 03-03-16 11:38 AM

The Other Guys.....

Hello all,

While I am new to Home Theater, I am not new to IB set ups. I have been running IB in my car for years as a competitor in IASCA sound competitions. I have decided to not to pursue that venture any more and get to work on my unfinished basement. I am in the planning stages and decided to go IB as well for home theater in an array. In review of this forum, the subs that get mentioned a lot are of course Dayton, AE, Fi, SoundSplinter, GR Research, etc.. So, I did some digging based on the IB FAQ and have some more subwoofers that could be great candidates for IB....hence the other guys...:

For 12's:

Image Dynamics CTX 12D4\8

PW - 50 to 350 watts (probably will take about 8 to really get the bass going)
FS - 22.5hz
QTS - .53
VAS - 131.76
Freq Response - 16hz to 180hz

For 15's:

Polk Audio Mobile Monitor MM1540 DVC

PW - 425 to 850 watts
FS - 27hz
QTS - .50
VAS - 3.5 cu ft/100 L
Freq Response - 18hz to 150hz

Cadence Sounds S1WD215 D4 v.2
PW - 100 to 600 watts
FS - 22.44hz
QTS - .607
VAS - 229.135| L
Freq Response - 10hz to 200hz

Soundstream Rubicon Rub.154

PW - 500 to ? watts
FS - 22.66hz
QTS - .850
VAS - 326.0756| L
Freq Response - ?

For 18's:

RE Audio XXX v2 18

PW - 2000 watts (RMS)
FS - 15.6hz
QTS - .55
VAS - 17.02 cubic feet
Freq Response - ?

If you really want to have fun you could let PSI Car Audio build you a custom IB sub to your specifications:

So this is what I have found so far. Please add to this list!!



Kamil Leon 03-07-16 01:33 PM

Re: The Other Guys.....

Another 15":

Cerwin Vega V152D
PW - 550 to 1100 watts
FS - 19hz
QTS - .542
VAS - 244.9 L

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