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tonyvdb 03-08-11 09:20 AM

Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

So last month I decided to jump into buying a real 120" 2,35:1 home theater screen but I found many manufacturers were very pricey in the size that I wanted. I was checking out eBay and found a guy who manufactures screen to order and the price was very reasonable so I contacted him and placed an order and it arrived Monday March 7/11

Jamestown Home Theater Screens take about 10 days to manufacturer mine took a little longer due to some delays on his end.

The box came well packaged delivered by UPS and there was no damage to the box or the contents inside.



The screen is made of Aluminum square tube and Cabinet grade hardwood plywood. The tube is attached to the plywood with machine bolts and nuts embedded into the wood to allow for proper tension of the screen material later during assembly of the screen.


The pre-upholstered black velvet on the wood frame looks and fits very well and works very well for maximum light absorption.


The entire frame attaches together with pre drilled holes in the square tube and makes a nice solid fit once fully assembled.


The frame has a nice center brace down the middle that adds to the solid construction and prevents warping of the frame once the screen material is in place and tension added.


The High Definition Cinema Quality Matte White screen is made of Multi-layer PVC based material and on my order has a 1.2 gain.
The material is cut with tabs all the way around that slide between the woof frame and the aluminum tubes, by loosening the bolts in the tubes you can simply slide the screen material between them.


Once this process is done all the way around you simply start placing tension on each tab and tighten down the bolts all the way around working your way around.


tonyvdb 03-08-11 09:20 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

Once all the creases have been removed the screen is ready for mounting on the wall with the supplied bracket that works very well.
The corners and two joints along the top and bottom rails are very well hidden from view unless you look closely.


With the screen mounted and covering my old painted on screen (you can see it peaking out of the bottom) The wall is now full and looks rather impressive.
My compromise is that I had to mount it higher than I would have liked due to the speakers I have but it will work and Im not going to beat myself up over that small imperfection.


The entire assembly took me 2hrs and I did it all by myself so it is certainly doable by one person. The entire screen weighs about 30lbs and looks really good. The constriction and build quality is very good and i think for the money is very well worth it. I would even say that it is as good as screen costing at least three times as much.

If your looking for a good quality screen but not breaking the bank this is defiantly worth a look.

You can contact Jamestown Home Theater Screens @ (423) 285-3333 M-S 9AM-7PM Eastern or just go to eBay and search out Member "shoppingdeals"

Holdercj 03-08-11 10:19 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

How is the picture quality?

fitzwaddle 03-08-11 10:27 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

Hmm, if one could get him to put two cross members a bit further apart instead of one in the center, and replace the screen material with Seymour CenterStage XD...

At the prices he's asking for the screen kit, its about the same cost as just the aluminum T-slot frame materials for a screen that size...and turnkey.

Thanks for the review Tony, sounds like a nice option.

tonyvdb 03-08-11 10:34 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review


Holdercj wrote: (Post 422156)
How is the picture quality?

Im going to test that out tonight. But looking at the last photo the camera flash did not reveal any hot-spotting.

tonyvdb 03-08-11 10:42 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

understandable, aren't we all :)

I have a piece about 1.5"x 3" that I could send you, is that big enough?

Zeitgeist 03-08-11 10:59 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

Glad to hear that the risk that you took buying this worked out!

Looks like a deal for the price.

tonyvdb 03-08-11 11:03 AM

Re: Jamestown Home Theater Screen review

Im happy with it, I think it will work well with my AE4000

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