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Frogman 07-24-14 08:05 PM

What's screen should I buy?

New construction home with a 26'x66' basement. Half is a rec room 15'x66', the far end 15'x25' is my HT. The is a 12'x9'x12' riser starting 11' from the front wall. 3-chair in front of the riser, 3-chair first 6.5' of riser. counter built behind 2nd row on riser for 4-swivwl chairs. 9.2 system, Sony VPLHW55ES projector at 18', 16' center seat 2nd row. HT has open back due to rec room, controlled ambient light from patio doors middle of basement, off to the side. HT painted dark gray, front wall painted black. Hopefully I've given most of the important info.

Question; what 120" fixed screen 16:9? Budget $1500-$2000. It's a rec room with pool table, shuffleboard, air hockey and a small gym. I watch 75% sports and 20% moves, some photos. The is a 60" plasma, wall mounted in the middle of the rec room section to take the load off the projector bulb. So when watching movie it's a black pit, when watch sports or playing pool it has some control ambient light.

hotpepper007 07-25-14 03:31 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

I highly recommend Carada screens. They are pretty much one of the best for the money. Well buildt' High quailty' killer customer service. Check out their site, Yes their cheaper but they are not buildt as good. Plus they are real easy to put togeather. Some of the cheapers one can be a nightmare. The Carada Criterian series looks great even with the light on. A 120in should be around $1k

mechman 07-26-14 02:26 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

Carada does make very good screens. If you need a white screen they are highly recommended. If you have to go with a gray screen though, I wouldn't recommend them. Elite's Cinegrey is a much better option or even a Da-Lite Cinema Contour with the HD Progressive material.

ellisr63 07-26-14 03:23 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

I went with a SeymourAV AT screen, and I highly recommend it. :T

Frogman 07-26-14 03:35 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

What would determine a gray vs. a white screen?

Frogman 07-26-14 03:46 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

What is the correlation between the projector and screen? I'm told and read that I'm a 16:9 viewer based on 75% DirecTV sports! My projector choice is based on recommendation; great movie projector and ok sports projector (response time). How do you determine the screen if it's a great room and light is almost a black pit for movies, but light from recess cans from playing pool are on while watching sports?

Frogman 07-26-14 03:48 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

I'm painting the HT a dark gray, I assume this should be flat vs. eggshell to reduce sheen? I assume the front wall should be black. How does paint affect the screen choice?

hotpepper007 07-27-14 08:24 AM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

If sports are your thing you want a white screen' DO NOT GET A GRAY SCREEN. I am a painter' use flat paints and dark colors of your choice. Their are many good projectors out their. I prefer Epson 8350 for a good sports projector and good movie projector. Has great placement flexability. Epson has the best customer service also.

mechman 07-27-14 03:39 PM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

The OP stated that he has a Sony pj already and "DO NOT GET A GRAY SCREEN" is a terribly misinformed statement.

To the OP:

With an Elite Cinegrey screen you would have 13fL according to PJCentral. That is more than enough light for a gray screen to combat any ambient light issues. More and more people are using gray screens over white simply because projectors, especially the cheaper variety, have more than enough lumens to use them. And those same lower priced projectors generally do not excel at blacks.

hotpepper007 07-28-14 08:07 AM

Re: What's screen should I buy?

Whatever ' He says his used will be 70% sports then I would want the brightnest of a white screen and the pop. Gray screens do help blacks but for me just have a dim look for sports. Just my opion. I also know many who get gray screen and then want a white screen. Carada and other have samples to try so I would try some samples.

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