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Favorite TV Shows

Answer some or all and use any format you desire... this is simply a guideline for those who might find it easy to use.
  1. What is your ALL-TIME favorite TV show series? (Even if it no longer airs.)
  2. What are your favorite current TV shows? (Even if they are not in season at the moment.)
  3. What recently aired or new shows are you watching or looking forward to seeing?
  4. What shows did you try out that fizzled out on you and/or outright bombed?
  5. What are your favorite past time shows that you really liked?

1. 24: The way they do the 24 shows representing 24 hours in one day is pretty interesting and the show has always kept my attention.
Battlestar Galactica: I purchased the entire series and got hooked... awesome show.

2. 24
American Idol
White Collar
Burn Notice
CSI: Miami
Falling Skies
Law & Order SVU
Person of Interest
Pawn Stars
American Pickers

3. FlashForward: The first show was very interesting and I think I may like this. (It didn't make it!)

Dark Blue: I like the undercoverish nature of the show, but wish they would fore go the risqué scenes. TNT does not mind stretching it to the limits.

4. Fringe: I thought this was going to be one of the best shows I had ever seen when it began last year, but it quickly fizzled out on me. I did not even finish watching out the season after about 3-4 shows. I did pick up the first show of this new season and it was pretty good, but not sure if I will hang in there with it or not. (Lost interest after the first few shows.)

5. Prison Break: I really liked this show, but I am glad it is over. I always wondered how they were going to continue the show after they broke out of prison, but they figured out a way to do it. Despite some blatant plot holes, I hung in there with it until the end.

Alias: Just a really cool show that I wish they would revive.

The Shield: I had to wade through some language on this one, albeit not a terrible lot, and it did get somewhat violent at times.

There are probably some others I have forgotten about... but this is a start anyway.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

I would have to say that my all time favorite show is more of a series, I really enjoyed the entire Star Trek series right from the original to the final series Enterprise. No I am not a Trekkie and have never been to a convention but simply enjoyed the shows.

My favorite current TV shows would be Flashpoint, Law and order, Lost and believe it or not Hells kitchen although the language does not impress me.

I am looking forward to seeing the new series Trauma but its hard to say if it can hold on to my interest in the long run.

As far as a series that I just could not get into is the new Battlestar Galactica it gust did not stick close enough to the original series of the 70's.

Shows that I liked in the past were, St Elsewhere, MASH, Sliders, Dukes of Hazard, Quantum Leap and Magnum PI.

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Among more recent offerings:

1. The Unit - Is this one coming back?

2. Sarah Connor Chronicles - Is this one coming back too?

3. Criminal Minds

Agreed that Flash Forward looks quite promising.

Leverage just doesn't put it over the top for me.

I tried The Forgotten, but the acting is just not up to speed, seems more like they're phoning it in.


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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Well my all time favourite would have to be be the original X- Files, followed closely by 24 and CSI..
LOST looked like it was going to be another one , but I LOST interest in it when nothing was ever explained!!

There has probably been others over my 55 years of adult viewing, but the old brain doeasn't quite stretch that far back these days!..

The new one FlashForward looks like it could be very good and added to the list..

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

-Death Note
-The IT crowd (u.k. sitcom)
I also really liked Harpers island.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Let's see...

Battlestar Galactica (2004)
The Office
CSI, CSI: NY (not a huge fan of CSI: Miami)
Pushing Daisies (too bad this one didn't really catch on)

That's about it for now.

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Re: Favorite TV Shows


Law and Order CI & SVU ( I Love Mariska ) ( Dont tell my wife )

Burn Notice

Thats about it..

I do like to watch Cartoons as well ( Favorite is Scooby Doo )
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Watched another episode of "FlashForward" last night and nearly turned it off..

Is anyone else getting the feeling that this is going to be like another "Lost", and just drag on and on with no real answers..and turn into a melodrama?

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

All 3 CSI's (Miami, Las Vegas and NY), Criminal Minds, Law and Order (CI and SVU), Mentalist, Trauma, The Unit, Numbers, Smallville, Heroes.

Old favorites (off air, whis some to come back):
Shark, Cane, Knight Rider, Miami Vice, AirWolf, Nash Bridges....
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Prof... well there is the one character from Lost on there... not sure if that is the episode you viewed.

I am going to hang in there with it for this season to see where it takes me, so far I am liking it, but it could turn me off.

I watched Fringe again... trying to get back into it for this season, but this past show was not good for me... kind of stupid.

David... you brought back some memories for me. A few shows I had forgot about. Man... what happened to Shark? That was a great show... if you like James Wood, which I do.

And Cane... whoa... what a show. I cannot believe it did not make it.

I liked Nash and Miami Vice... wish they both would come back, but ole Don is getting on up there in age, not sure he would be the right guy or not, although I always liked him in those parts, actually they are the only shows I liked him in.
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