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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

The farewell tour is great hard to imagine better.

Learn to listen and listen to learn.
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

Both Eagles Concerts
Pink Floyd Pulse
Sarah McLachlan Afterglow Live (again;-)
Dido Live

On any given day one of these could knock off one of the above:

ZZ Top Live From Texas
depeche Mode One night in paris
Peter Gabriel Growing Up Live

Fwiw and imo, the various Elton John, U2, The Who, Genesis, Queen and Clapton DVD concerts are pretty good, but sometimes the crowd noise becomes a little too encompassing imo.
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

Some concert DVDs I've enjoyed watching:

Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere...
Blackfield - Live in NYC
Opeth - Roundhouse Tapes
Nine Inch Nails - Beside You in Time
Nine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have Been
Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged
ISIS - Clearing the Eye
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

I read this thread thinking I'd get some ideas of concert DVD's to purchase. My entire HT "enthusiasm" was due to the release of "Rush in Rio". Now that the actual, dedicated HT is almost finished, I am looking forward to many a concert evening. Concerts were THE reason I got into HT. Here goes... in no particular order.

Sting: Brand new Day. (Has an incessent buzzing sound but for "Desert Rose" I crank it anyway)

Andrea Bocelli: Tuscany. (DTS, great recording)

Bonnie Raitt: Road Tested (It's OK)

Paul McCartney: Back in the US (Not a big fan, impluse buy, $10?? PM Me)

Celine Dion: A New Day (Great fidelity but wierd costumes, her "Frenchness" really shows)

Eric Clapton: Unplugged (Not great quality)

Bee Gees: One Night Only (Wonderful video, outstanding DTS audio)

Rush: Rush in Rio (Where it all started!)

Rush: R30 (They got this recording right, unlike Rio)

Rush : Snakes and Arrows (Even better than R30)

Seal: Live in Paris (Pretty good, in DTS)

Don Henley: Inside Job (I watch Hell Freezes Over too often to enjoy this one)

Harry Connick Jr: Only You (Pretty video)

Roger Waters: In the Flesh Live (Amazing...and cheap too!)

Pink Floyd: Pulse (The Standard by which I judge all others)

Diana Krall: Live in Paris (Bought before HT completion, unwatched)

The Doors: Live in Europe (Bought before HT completion, unwatched)

Van Moorison: Live at Montreaux (Bought before HT completion, unwatched)

INXS: Live Baby Live (Michael Hutchence, the last true rock god...in starred leather pants no less)

Eagles: Farewell Tour Melbourne, (Don't watch it much)

Eagles :Hell Freezes over (The reason I don't watch the above concert much)

ELO: Zoom

Sade: (NICE for romantic evenings)
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

In no particular order:

* Neil Young: "Heart of Gold".
* Lucinda Williams: "Live from Austin Tx".
* Talkink Heads: "Stop Making Sense".
* Diana Krall: "Live in Paris".
* James Taylor: "Live at the Beacon Theater".



* Santana: "Supernatural Live".
* Keb' Mo': "Sessions at West 54th".
* The Best of Sessions at West 54th Volume 1.
* The Best of Sessions at West 54th Volume 2.
* "One Love" The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute.


Few more:

* Rolling Stones: "Live at the MAX".
* The Rolling Stones: "Bridges to Babylon Tour '97-98".
* Eurythmics: "Peace Tour".
* Neil Young: "Silver & Gold".
* John Fogerty: "Premonition".


Some More:

* Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: "High Grass Dogs" Live from the Fillmore.
* Roger Waters: In the Flesh - Live".
* Eagles: "Hell Freezes Over".
* Roy Orbison: "Black & White Night".
* Fleetwood Mac: "The Dance".



* Steely Dan's: "Two Against Nature".
* Peter Frampton: "Live in Detroit".
* Rickie Lee Jones: "Live at the Wiltern Theater".
* Tina Turner: "Live in Amsterdam - Wildest Dream Tour".
* Bee Gees: "One Night Only".

---> And many many more...


BUT, right now, my very top five favorites are:

#1. Jeff Beck - "performing this week... Live at Ronnie Scott's".
#2. "Where the Light is": John Mayer live in Los Angeles.
#3. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: "Live at Radio City".
#4. The Police: "Certifiable" Live in Buenos Aires.
#5. Jethro Tull: "Live at Montreux".

))) And these last five here, in particular on Blu-ray.
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Thumbs up Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

Just scored a bunch of Blu-Ray Concert/ videos from a store blowing them out at $10.99 each.

I will start with a quick comment on each. This is my opinion of the Blue-Ray versions on a 61" Samsung DLP with a Marantz 6003 with all Kef Uni-q speakers calibrated properly.

K.D. Lang "Live in London". Reference quality audio and video. Not twang county music, but nicely done ballads and songbook. Beautiful lighting and intimate performance.

Pat Metheny "The Way Up- Live". Nicely done all instrumental audio and video. Smooth jazz that will put you in a dreamy distant world. IMHO.

Return To Forever "Live at Montreux 2008". This one is a subwoofer/ speaker workout. Jazz Rock instrumental fusion, nicely filmed. Nice mix, reminicent of the show I saw in NY.

Jeff Beck "Performing This Week". Nicely filmed jazz/ rock fusion with a brighter mix than the above examples. A true jem for Beck/ fusion fans. IMHO

Santana "Hymns for Peace" Live at Montreux 2004. Allstar concert with Santana Band, John McLaughlin {gtr}, and a monster band including H Hancock {Keys}. Long show {Over 3 hours} with a bunch of African vocalists singing covers, but there is a good 1/2 of it that has great "burning" instrumental jams.

Heart "Alive in Seattle". If you dig this band, the audio and video are nicely done. Full hi-def AV.

George Michael "Live in London". Ok, I bought this for the wife. True concert like experience, great audio and video. {Not for the homophobic} I thought this was a good demo for my system. My wife and her friends had a wine and concert experience, and danced and cried though the whole performance.

Pink "Funhouse Tour". {File under the wifes "style"} New concert, full hi-def speaker work-out in a circus like stage setting and lots of Pink shown in various states of undress. IMHO

Michael Jackson "This is It". Another wife selection, but something I actually enjoyed with the kids.
This is a collection of hi-def rehearsal performances done right before Michael passed. Nice documentary explaining the work involved in what was going to be 50+ perfomances at England's O2 Concert Arena. This one suprised me, as it actually comes across as a concert if you use your imagination. Audio well done. IMHO

Stevie Wonder "Live at Last". Full Hi-def AV. Nice career spanning collection of music for Stevie fans.
I wasn't that impressed with the mix, but it works. {I ended up boosting the sub for this, which I never ever do.}

Deep Purple "Live at Montreux 2006". Nicely done, with newer guitarist Steve Morse {Dixxie Dreggs/ solo} on guitar. Rocking good speaker workout .

Alice Cooper "Live at Montreux 2005" . Not sure why I purchased this. {$10 ? } I guess if you are a Cooper fan you might like this. The DTX mix is harsh to these ears. Crank it at concert level and it hurts even more. IMHO Actually though, the wife and kids enjoyed the horror show theatics and rock concert experience. Your mileage will vary.

Moody Blues "Lovely To See You - Live" . Nice concert for "Moodies" fans. Ok AV, with an older concert feel as far as camera editing. Mix is done nicely, nothing too spectacular though. IMHO
I enjoyed this.

Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood "Live from Madison Square Garden" . Nicely done mix and camera work for the true fan. Not the "bang" I get from the first four discs I listed, though.

Stevie Nicks "Live". This was a Soundstage concert filmed for PBS. I honestly think that the audio and video are done wonderfully. If you are a Stevie or Fleetwood Mac fan, I think you will love this. I think this disc directed by Joe thomas, blows away the later era Soundstages done on PBS.

Steve Vai "Where The Wild things Are". New blu-ray offering only 720 dpi video and 5.1 dolby digital audio. Despite the lower guality AV this is still done nicely for those fans of instrumentsl "shred fest" guitar fusion/ monster musician music. Wonderful electic violinists in the band, and a speaker workout.

Jethro Tull "Live at Montreux- 2003". Not Ian's classic musician line-up band but a good representation of his later tours. IMHO. The mix is bright to these ears and required tweeking. Still a good offering for fans of the music/ genra.

Ok, I have another dozen to comment on but am tired of typing.
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

love this thread" hi all, haven't posted in a long time,...
but yes hell freezes over the Eagles, 1994 the coming together effort, "that was a master recording" also Diana Krall live in Paris!! shes my fave jazz lady.

thought someone would ave mentioned (3 three doors down" LIVE away from the sun) monster music 2005 in Huston Texas, (this one is a surround experience!! this will put your setup to work, check it out

I'll have a few more next time
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

I'll give it try. Just "BIN" on evilbay for $7.99!
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

bigbang wrote: View Post
I'll give it try. Just "BIN" on evilbay for $7.99!
good!! in addition to a great performance" all 72 minutes of it, you'll also love the choices of AUDIO,.....

hey any "Peter Gabriel" fans out their, here's my favorites DVD'S my secret world live and growing up LIVE
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Re: Favorite Concert/Performance DVD's

Since I am a huge VH fan, Van Halen "Live without a net" The sound from Eddie's live rig in this is amazing.
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