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Who are we?

Who are the owners, administrators and moderators?

I was born and raised in south Alabama, what we call L.A. or Lower Alabama. I am a bonafide country redneck hillbilly and take pride in it (I really am!). I have been married to my lovely wife Angibug since April 1984 and we have one daughter, Chelsea, born in 1990. I am a Christian... living my life for God as best I know how. However... I will not force religion on anyone... yet, if you ever want to talk or need a prayer, I will be here. I have been in the finance industry (lending) since 1983 and have owned my own company since May 1998. I also own a couple of other businesses. I love to hang out in the forums, work with websites, watch movies in the HT, fish, pitch horseshoes, tinker with car stereo, and fiddle around on my tractor on our 63 acres of land... and of course we love to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ... and we worship God on the first day of every week. I believe everything is made for love and that one of our main goals in life should be to love one another with all our heart. Think about how much better the world would be if we all loved one another as much as God loves us.

My first real stereo system was a complete NAD system put together back in 1984 with the help of a good friend, Walter Barno, who has been in car stereo retail management for a number years. In addition to the NAD equipment we had a Thorens Jubilee turntable and a couple of EPI speakers that I quickly upgraded to Klipsch Fortes. I first got serious about HT back in 1991. I piddled around with it from about 1987 until I broke all out in 1991 with the big screen and full surround system... McIntosh, Snell, Lexicon, and more. In August 1996, Ron Sabin at Stereo Review magazine got desperate and contacted us about a systems article in their magazine. I had sent them some pics and a write up about a year earlier... I guess they finally got to the bottom of the pile. They flew out from California to our honky tonk residence in BAMA and reviewed our system. We were honored to say the least. You can see/read the article here. I traded up and down over the years, having fun learning about HT and it became a favorite hobby of mine. In October 2003 we started construction on our dedicated home theater with a front projection system, which was an absolute blast to build. We finished this up in early 2004, in time for the Super Bowl. It was our favorite room in our house, yet... there came a time when I felt like it was insufficient and did not make sense, thus I tore it out and it was all gone. We wept. It was not long afterwards that we all realize how much we missed it and my wife gave me the entire garage to enclose and make our dream home theater room. It is named after the road we live on... Cedar Creek Cinema (see sig).

My first experience in the HT forums was the SMR (Lexicon) forum back in the mid 90's when I got our first real processor, the Lexicon CP3+, although I later traded up to a DC-1, to only later sell it and give the Sony TAE9000ES processor a spin. I popped in and out of the SMR forum, but was not what you would call a regular. I eventually ceased participation their because at that time it was a less than friendly forum. There were some good guys there, but then there were also those that just ruin a good thing. By the late 90's and early 2,000's I had joined most all of the popular HT forums and skipped around from one to the other, but HTF was probably my favorite at the time. Shortly after joining HTF I moved over to the fairly new HTGuide forum and ended up hanging my hat there for a number of years. In 2001 I set out on a challenge to create the BFD Guide that would help others understand how to setup and operate the Behringer Feedback Destroyer as a parametric equalizer to tame low frequency bass anomalies. The guide was silently co-authored by Ken Bruce (brucek) and consisted of a compilation of several enthusiast thoughts that I simply put together in one place. I never dreamed it would turn out to be a big hit and I am glad it has helped a lot of people over the years. It has also brought me many friendships along the way.

In 2005, Andrew Pratt, a forum buddy from HTG, asked me to help Next Level AV forums start a BFD Forum. I obliged and it ended up being a very popular section of their forum. It was fun working with all the folks over at NLAV. Unfortunately the owner, Jim Piscitello, passed away unexpectedly in early April 2006. He was a great loss to the HT community and Jim will be missed dearly. I was fortunate enough to have gained a great friend in such a short time. These events brought about the idea of creating a new home theater forum. I reached out to John Mulcahy, author of Room EQ Wizard... and with the help of several of our forum buddies we created Home Theater Shack. Things worked out and here we are. We hope you will enjoy Home Theater Shack for many years to come.
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Re: Who are we?

I am Leonard Caillouet, Forum Administrator and moderator for several forums. I live in Gainesville, FL and am a Clinical Coordinator for Applications for EHR implementation at a major academic medical center. I was formerly the service manager for Electronics World, a mid-high end AV dealer doing retail sales, custom installations and service for nearly ten years. I focused on repairs, training technicians, technical consulting, and calibration over a total of three decades in the electronics business.

My current system is modest, but the most enjoyable that I have ever owned, overall. I have a Panasonic PDP, 5 MTX in-wall speakers, 2 Mach5 12 IB subs, Panasonic Blu Ray, Onkyo 709 AVR, Adcom GFA5400 driving subs, DSP1124P, SA8300HD DVR, and Harmony one remote for the main system. I have had various equipment over the years, including Thiel (still some of my favorite speakers), PS, Denon (Still have a Denon turntable), Nakamichi (still have that LX5, too), Marantz, Adcom, Thorens, B&K, etc. For video calibration I use Accupel and Sencore generators, an EyeOne spectroradiometer, a Spyder colorimeter, AccuCal and CalMAN software, and an assortment of test discs and computer files. For audio calibration I use a recently calibrated ECM8000 mic, Tascam US122 mixer, REW, TrueRTA, a RS meter, and an assortment of discs and computer files.

I am 54, married to Julianne, who is a Manager of Computer Applications and RN. We have four sons. I grew up in Louisiana, where we lived until moving to Gainesville in 1999.

I graduated from High School in 1977, spent several years at LSU in engineering, but did not finish my degree. I was fortunate to get my start in the Home Theater business with Art Colley's Audio Specialties in Baton Rouge in 1979. I became the service manager there, also doing system design, sales, and installations. Eventually, I completed my degree in Education in 1992 and taught Math and Computers until 1999. Along the way I got my MS in Motor Behavior, with Thesis work on the processing and analysis of EMG signals. I did consulting, repair, and calibration of audio and video systems, mostly for old clients during my hiatus from the electronics industry. After moving to Gainesville, I got back into the electronics business, then eventually moved into healthcare information systems. I lead a team providing application support, optimization, project support and training as needed.

I am mostly agnostic, the result of being raised and educated Catholic, but have a deep respect for those who practice and live by their faith. I would consider myself to be a somewhat spiritual scientist with a deep regard for the complexities of life and existence that we cannot understand. Philosophy has always been one of my interests. I am politically unaffiliated, and proudly so as the parties are an embarrassment. I tend to be conservative until a progressive issue is made to make sense to me, then I can be rather liberal. Ultimately, like most people, I am more interested in pragmatism than idealism. I try to stay well informed on politics, paying attention to issues from both sides, when I can find the rare factual and lucid discussions of such matters.

My interests include sports, psychology, computers, and my kids. I was once seriously involved in Olympic style archery, but the kids and bursitis have limited that and golfing lately. We go camping every couple of months with the kids, and enjoy Florida very much. I served for 4 years as a member of the USOC Sport Science and Technology Committee and was biomechanics advisor and instructor for the coaches of the NAA. I am a DIYer for nearly everything, and like helping others to do the same. These days I stay busy with work, cub scouts, T-ball, basketball, and homework. I am in the process of remodeling the family room where I installed in-wall speakers and IB subs. I came to HTS as a result of my interest in REW and the BFD, like many of us did. I am happy to be here in this community of exceptional people who make on of the most pleasant forums on the Internet. I enjoy sharing information and helping people with service issues. I have learned a lot here and am sure that I will continue to do so.

I can make some fine etoufee, gumbo, and jambalaya (especially when I can get that real andouille from back home) as one might expect from a cajun from the bayou country. I do miss those crawfish.

Go Gators. Go Tigers. Go USA.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Re: Who are we?

I was born in Lynwood, CA (hometown of Weird Al Yankovic!) and raised in Beloit, WI. I worked in fast food as a manager for 10 years before I had enough and went back to school to get into IT as a Mainframe programmer. I got a job at Great Lakes Educational Loan Services (I am sure many of you know them well!) where I worked for 7 years before I "retired" to become a stay at home dad. I have been home now for 8 1/2 years. Many times I am asked how I like staying home. My response - it has it days like any other job, but the worst day at home is better than the best day at work!

I have been married to Jill for almost 9 years now and we have three kids - two boys 12 and 9 and a daughter whom we adopted from China who is almost 3. We live just outside Madison, WI - and this is where we will more than likely stay as we love the change of seasons. We camp quite a bit as a family and we all are movie watchers.

I dabbled in car audio when I was younger - I remember when the gear in my car was worth more than the car! - but I lost interest when I was around 30. A couple years ago now, I mentioned to my wife that I missed the vehicle I had before we got my truck - we needed it to pull the camper - as it was the one I liked the most out of all I had owned. A couple days later, I found her searching the net for that vehicle. I told her that instead of getting a 3rd vehicle, I would love to build a home theater in our basement as it would be something we could all use and I missed dabbling in the AV world. She was hesitant but agreed. Fortunately for me, as the room has started taking shape, she and the kids have gotten more and more excited for it's completion.

I spent a few months just researching, looking at build threads and getting up to speed and then joined HTS in September 2011. I discovered that I had a passion for all things HT and spent many a late night just reading everything I could. That led to the offer to be a moderator here and I have been here ever since!

I am an avid football fanatic - my favorite team is the New Orleans Saints ever since 1982. It was quite exciting for me when they won the Super Bowl - after so many seasons of watching losing football, it was an amazing treat for all us life long Saints fans. I was fortunate enough to take a vacation to New Orleans some years ago - one of my favorite trips ever. We went in December and I was able to catch a Saints - Rams game in the Superdome. They lost (that was in the days of the Greatest Show on Turf) but the memory still sticks with me.

Welcome to the Shack and please enjoy your time with us as much as I enjoy my time here!

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Re: Who are we?

Oh, goodie - a chance to toot my own horn, and it has two different notes.

On an acoustically-related note:
I was born with music in my heart and soul—honest! Mom gets a kick out of reminding me how I’d toss in my crib until she tuned-in a good radio station. And when Dad handed down his old Motorola, I wore-out record after (captivating) record with a grin. As Dad’s stereo improved, so did his hand-me-downs, drawing my attention to the equipment itself. Later, home video entered the scene, doubling the fun (but adding complexity). Music, movies, and playback gear had united; my lifelong hobby had launched!

From “T-minus zero," I've revered both music and movies as emotionally-charged art forms. Oh, how they whip-up or tone-down our moods! Musicians and movie directors purposely manipulate our emotions, but our responses don’t always shadow their intentions. Have you ever wondered why music sounds better on some days than others, or why movies seem more exciting at your friend’s house than your own? Though our daily moods are partially to blame, the answer lies mostly with system performance and recording quality.

The purpose of a high-quality recording—be it music or video—is to accurately capture an artist’s emotional intent. The purpose of a high-quality home-theater system is to keep out of that recording’s way. Both emotional intent and emotional response live in the details (the delicate shimmer of a cymbal, a sudden intake of breath, or the physical rumble of an explosion). If a system or recording distorts details in any way, then the emotional message becomes blurred.

It follows that a superior recording played-back on a superior system delivers superior enjoyment. Finding a balance that works for you defines home-theater’s quest for high performance. Lessons in hand—and music in heart—I was compelled to join that quest. It first influenced my formal education, then guided my career goals, and now motivates me to help members of HomeTheaterShack.

On a historically-related note:
I'm an Air Force brat. My father was a dyed-in-the-wool lifer who, even after retiring from service, signed-on for the same job as a civilian. I'm quite proud of him, even though I don't know exactly what he did for a living. Raised in communist-occupied Poland during WWII, his cousin was shot as a decoy while my 13 year-old father escaped. Soon after, he earned passage on a boat to America, where he met my Yugoslavian mother - a genuine love story. He eventually chiseled his way into a top-brass position with Intelligence & Reconnaissance over most of Europe. Accent-free fluency in 9 languages helped. Basically spy-work, but he won't admit to it, except for once when an operative of his was shot near Check Point Charlie.

I was born in Burtonwood, England (a suburb of Liverpool, home of the Beatles)! Moved to Columbus, OH at the age of 2 before I could inherit a British accent, but don't think it would have helped anyway because they taught me German as a first language. I had to learn English to attend Kindergarten (oh, the irony of that German name). Moved from Columbus to Augsburg, Germany in the 2nd grade. Moved to Bossier City, Louisiana in the 4th grade. Moved to Ramstein, Germany in the 6th grade. Then moved around Germany (Zweibruecken, Bexbach, Kaiserslautern, whew!) and graduated from American high school in Stuttgart. Then back to Columbus to pursue a BSEE, which I completed even after OSU started offering an Audio Engineering degree my Junior year. Luck would have it most of my classes did not qualify as prerequisites. I instead hooked up with a Tier-1 automotive supplier of audio control heads and heater/air controls. I concepted, designed, and supported automated test equipment for audio and HVAC (really liked crafting and debugging software). About 10 years down the road my interests turned to circuit boards and ECAD, hoping to get closer to the audio side of things; but it just wasn't in the stars. After the off-shore craze of the '90s I was out-sized along with 600 other engineers after 26 years of service in 2008. Lucky for me, the mortgage crisis arrived just in time to sell my house! I hope to someday find a decent home with a HT room, and to supplement my education to target an audio-related career.

"Lumen" is the nickname given to me by my dear-departed audio-buddy, Mike (Captain-JT) Kirk.
I want to be a famous recording engineer, or a even just a rock star.
Did I say I like music and audio?

I try to be as good as my dog thinks I am
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