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04-05-17 01:56 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

Yeah, I'm happy to be back! Too bad the Yamaha receiver is very limited when it comes to bass management and flexibility, but it'll have to do for a while. I have a MiniDSP for the sub, and I have a QSC amp on the way for the mains to offload the receiver a bit. Baby steps, but it helps. Watched Passengers last night completely without subs. While the Klipsch speakers do have a little punch, there's just no substitute for a proper sub system. I can't wait to install it this weekend! :-)
04-04-17 10:29 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

Happy to see you back in the subwoofer game Glad things are looking up also.
04-04-17 09:19 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

Well, time for a small update here.

About a year ago we were hit pretty hard in my household by the oil crisis here in Norway. Had to sell the drivers and my mains, all amps and basically started over completely not too long back. So, the other day I had the opportunity to buy back my IB drivers, and I leapt at it. So, they are coming back!

Less fronts to worry about, just a pair of Klipsch RF82 driven by a Yamaha RX-V767 in a 7.1 system, but hey, we all (re)started somewhere, right? :-) I had an SVS PC-2000 for a month, and while impressive for a single 12", it's just no match for four IB318 in a wall! :-) Can't wait to have them back up and running!
10-04-16 01:03 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

jagman wrote: View Post
Sounds good. I do worry about over excursion so I am also consdering a Berhinger inuke 3000 since it would deliver 320 watts RMS per sub. Combined SPL at reference should still be a couble dB above the mains I plan on getting. Of couse getting the Crest might allow for more of a house curve to be dialed in. Hmmmmm.
The inuke does a lot less than that below 20 Hz. More like 220 watts from what I've read. A ProLite 3.0 might be more consistent as it goes lower but that's just speculation.

Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
02-29-16 12:33 PM
jagman Sounds good. I do worry about over excursion so I am also consdering a Berhinger inuke 3000 since it would deliver 320 watts RMS per sub. Combined SPL at reference should still be a couble dB above the mains I plan on getting. Of couse getting the Crest might allow for more of a house curve to be dialed in. Hmmmmm.
02-29-16 01:29 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

4 ohm drivers in series, two per channel for an 8 ohm load. I might not use all the potential in the drivers, but then, I'd like to keep my house a few years too. It's certainly an easier load on the amp and there's plenty of output. 415W to each driver is overkill, and there's nothing better! :-)
02-28-16 06:01 PM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

Did you get the 2 ohm or 4 ohm drivers? How much power is each driver getting? I have 4 of the 2 Ohm IB3 18's and am planning to get a Crest Pro-Lite 3.0 which will give each driver 415 watts.

Sent from my LG-H901 using Tapatalk
04-04-14 05:14 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

I will when I have them available and they are "presentable". :-)

I have very capable mains, so "gut impact" is not an issue in my particular case. I think the IB does this better than the "box" subs I've had previous, maybe with the exception of the four JBL 4645 subs I had. But those did nothing under 20Hz. If you're curious you can check out my build thread for my mains, the link is in my signature.

I haven't had time to experiment alot with the setup yet, and I want to give the drivers a few hours more to loosen up before I go to any lengths to get it set up properly. Also have a wall rattle I need to address.
04-03-14 10:01 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

atledreier wrote: View Post
Just read your thread, Blitzer. I'm a little relieved since I saw the same dropoff in the low end as you did, even if it SOUNDED like it was outputting significant energy way below 15Hz. I've boosted the low end a bit and cut my very similar 24Hz node significantly. I'm now a little worried about overexcursion since I've boosted the VLF part pretty significantly (6dB)

I can pretty much claim flat to about 11Hz after EQ. What I ended up doing is eq'ing down the HUGE hump down to the level of the 11Hz level. The worked very well. If I start turning it up a lot, the room nodes and nulls(of course) start winning again, but for 90% of the listening volume I use i am good. Maybe this is why I am getting so much excursion.

Also, before the eq, I had that 20db bump at 30Hz and it was doing a number on my ears. My ears actually were aching for a day or two after watching the latest bond film - the gunfire and explosions in that movie can be particularly loud. I tamed that and don't feel like i am risking my ears during movies anymore, but lost some of the gut punch.

I am actually buying a couple nice subs to experiment with for extra upper base punch. I know purists will goff, but, I feel like the IB compresses my whole body - I feel like I am inside the explosion or the sound wave, etc, but sometimes I do mist the particular solar plexus gut compression in the mid bass that a good box sub can produce. So, going to play a bit with trying to add a couple SVS PB13s to even out my room response and to see if it gives a little of that back without screwing up the IB sound and the bottom end.

Can you post your REW graphs or MDAT?
04-03-14 09:49 AM
Re: 4 Fi IB318

Thank you. I'll try the same setup. Should give me quite a bit more power from the amp. The other option is two series per channel for a 8 ohm stereo load
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