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08-30-12 01:03 AM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

Been exposed to audio for decades from my Dad, who had some really good setups (that I can't even recall the components of, including a stereo setup that imaged so amazingly in 3D, with my eyes closed, I felt I could take a bag of golf balls and lobbing them one at a time, hit each band member square on the forehead).

The biggest WOW factor for me though, was adding the Seaton Submersive HP's to my setup. First time I'd ever heard single digit capable sound with prodigious output.

It was annoying having my previous subs clip on scenes like Tron:Legacy, WOTW and HTTYD, but now the alien tripod emerging scene from WOTW is one of my all time favorite demo scenes. Had some folks saying that they didn't feel that scene was that impressive, citing what they thought were better scenes, like the train crash from Super 8, that is, until they realized that their setups fell off a cliff below 20Hz, and were never capable of reproducing the ULF content in WOTW.

The first time they hear it in my HT, the reaction is usually along the lines of, "HOLY S##T!!! I never even knew THAT was there in the soundtrack! Always wondered why people rave about that scene... NOW I get it!"

There's something incredibly amusing about taking interactive theater to a whole new level. When the Kremlin explodes in MI:4 and the ground onscreen heaved up, the suspended flooring in my HT did so too, hard enough to knock stuff over!

06-28-12 11:26 PM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

I really like my new DLNA enabled Blu-ray players both are relatively low end 2012 models with the Panasonic BD77 being the least fancy spec wise but very good at streaming video and the LG right in the middle of the pack and it shines streaming music in the cave.
06-01-12 05:25 PM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

I have owned alot of different audio equipment in my 55 years on the planet but I have to say that for the money the new CHT speakers I just purchased are really making a big impression on me. I don't think I can say they are the one best thing that I have ever owned but for the money they have definitley exceeded my expectations.
06-01-12 04:43 PM
rab-byte You are all feeding the upgrade fire that burns within!!!

Low cost I'm hoping to address some acoustic issues soon, but I'm married and in a one bedroom so WAF is a major issue (she wants hung artwork not treatments).

As for equipment... Going tubes has always been a dream but budget is a huge hurdle to overcome.

I think a cmoy DIY amp will be my next add on for the new grado 80i I just got (listening but not bothering the reading wife). Always wanted to get into DIY and this project has a low cost of entry.
05-31-12 09:27 PM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

Such great responses! I would say adding a subwoofer to low-priced speakers makes an incredible difference in the sound. If you dont have a lot of cashish, add a subwoofer for under a $150 and you will be pretty amazed. Also, I agree the ipod touch is sweet for a hundred different reasons. And of course if you like music it's always nice to put on some Allman Brothers.
05-31-12 01:17 PM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

I would have to say my Denon AVR-A100 (gussied up version of the 4311). It replaced an 8 year old Denon 5805 - no slouch in itself. In the upgrade I got the latest HD audio decoding, 1080P HDMI switching, Audyssey XT32 and a path to Audyssey Pro - which I purchased 5 months ago. It also added Audyssey DSX, so I added height and width speakers to my system. The result was a transformation in sound, when I only expected minor improvements. Well pleased.
05-31-12 11:17 AM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

In terms of pure bang for the buck - I'd have to say the Lepai TA2020 T-amp I purchased several months ago. Picked it up when it was on sale for $20 at parts express. Obviously for $20, you don't really expect a lot, but it does exactly what I needed it to do, clean power, no frills (just volume, bass and treble controls). I got a kick out of the fact that the power adapter is a Vonage too. (surplus I suppose - if it works, and keeps the price down, fine by me)
05-31-12 08:13 AM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

It's low tech, but the new projection screen I built over the past year has thrilled me. I went from a DIY BOC screen to a white melamine board from Menards, that I painted. The only reason I built the new screen, was that the BOC screen I built was too big for the size of the projected image I was able to display based on my projector (Mitsubishi HC1500) and throw distance. Now, not only does the image fit perfectly, my wife and kids commented on the improvement in the image. They both commented the image looks more 3D. Sports also look awesome.
05-16-12 11:38 AM
Re: Which new piece of equipment has exceeded your expectations?

I was blown away by the Audyssey SEQ pro EQ.
Also the second update of the Integra Research RDC7 processor ...
I cannot make a decision on which amazed me more ...

Little things came along since, but those two bring me my best memories of HT fun.
05-14-12 04:09 PM
richmag Anthem's ARC EQ. Transformed my listening room for both movies and music.
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