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10-05-15 04:03 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

I just recently bought an entry level AT LP60 turntable and pulled out the few LP's I had left because I sold most of what I had and gave them a spin. It brought back allot of memories even the one where my spine would cringe when that bad skip in the record occured. After realizing the few records I had were not in very good shape I decided to check out some local shops and see what I could get for a reasonable price and quality. I found this great little place called Joe's Albums and went in and struck up a conversation with Joe. We talked about what allot of you are mentioning here and before I knew it it was an hour and a half later and I was leaving with a smile on my face and 3 LP's that I haven't heard in years. I spent about $28 and the records were all in NM condition. I went home and listened to all 3 and for a little while i was 18 again and singing along with those songs from yesterday. If your to young to have that same type of feeling because your birthday, as they say on the Goldbergs is 1980 something then maybe LP's aren't for you. I since have purchased a new 1970 something Technics TT and have about 50 LP's back in my collection and for not allot of money I really enjoy vinyl again. It seems to me that if I had to spend a ton of money, which I don't have, I would not have done it so my advice would be the same as mentioned, Start of slow and buy something reasonable and you might find you have a new hobby and if not then it won't hurt too much when you sell it to someone else for a little less than what you paid.
10-05-15 10:59 AM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

There are those (me for example) who have large vinyl collections much of which will never be released on CD. If we want to hear that music a TT is necessary. So, considering my collection (3500+ LP's, 1600+CD's), having a TT is essential. I have a dedicated music server PC to which all my CD's have been ripped. However, being realistic, because it's done in real time there are too many LP's in my collection for me to rip all of them.

I've started "ripping" some of my favorite vinyl to my music server as 16/48 FLAC files. That it's time consuming is a given, especially if you manually remove excessive "ticks and pops". I have all the accoutrements needed (vacuum RCM, brush, Zerostat, strobe, stylus pressure gauge, stylus protractor) to unsure maximum playback quality. Besides, I've become used to the whole "thing" that is inherent in vinyl playback. One thing I've noticed is that many CD releases of LP's do not sound as good as the LP. My rips of those LP's sound a lot better than the commercial CD. So yes, IMO it's worth it.
09-30-15 07:54 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

Great sound, setup is almost a black art. Fiddly, very fiddly, but also very rewarding and kinda fun when you get the hang of it. 2K will get you a used VPI Scout and a tubed, fully adjustable, Jolida JD9 phono stage, and a Spin Clean record cleaner. Then you're pretty much set.
03-19-15 02:39 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

well, just a little overboard on my part, but I'm still juiced-up on that chasint's coffee. sip, sip
03-19-15 02:37 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

03-19-15 02:34 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

I've said this plenty of times before, but for me I like vinyl because it is inconvenient. No that's not a typo. The inconvenience of vinyl makes listening to music more of an event, instead of just background noise. It helps make music the main event, which it isn't for many people today.

Also, it helps a lot that most of the music I listen to is primarily released on vinyl. It's not usually exclusively vinyl (sometimes it is), but it's obvious that vinyl is the flagship.
03-19-15 02:30 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

TheGimp wrote: View Post
There was a big downturn in LP quality in the late 70s to early 80s. Thinner pressings resulted in more edge warps, and recycled vinyl resulted in higher background noise just to mention a few issues.
A lot of new releases these days are pressed on 180 gram, virgin vinyl. Mastering is dependent on the engineers. Some new stuff sounds great (often the 180 gram stuff), but some of it is not mastered or pressed well. My friend brought over something brand new recently and I thought it was something used from the 70s.
03-19-15 12:20 PM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

I can't recommend it from a fidelity, value, or a convenience standpoint. If you're interested in exploring the history of music and/or music reproduction, that's a different issue. Some music never made it to digital.

I have approx. 800+ LPs, and my LP cleaner was close to the cost of my turntable/cartridge (I already had the 2-channel vintage equipment). Do I enjoy listening to vinyl? Of course I do. It can be transferred to digital, and it will have the same sound as vinyl. It's a time-consuming, tedious task, tho.

FWIW, I also have a 1916 Victor/Victrola. I use that to help guests that overstay their visit make an exit.
03-19-15 11:55 AM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

There was a big downturn in LP quality in the late 70s to early 80s. Thinner pressings resulted in more edge warps, and recycled vinyl resulted in higher background noise just to mention a few issues.
03-18-15 10:20 AM
Re: Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

Talley wrote: View Post
To the comment on the laserdisc... my uncle has his with about three dozen movies or so. For a good while after DVD was released he said the LD was still better... but after years passed and the players improved and/or proper disc usage or whatever he said DVD finally surpassed LD.

BUT... I can hear a huge improvement of soundstage on the LP vs. the same CD.

He does say the LPs do wear out... he has multiple copies of his favorite albums and told me that there was one album he has worn out three copies but has 4 more in there ready to go.

LP is expensive and really it's not ever gonna be for me. call me cheap :P
It's hard to compare one to the other or say one is better than another. You can look at the specs and see which one has the potential to be better. At the end of the day a well made VHS could look better that a Bluray.

I have so many versions of Starwars and I can't believe the different. The DVD transfer on one of my copies is beautiful, you would think it was a Bluray and in the same packaging is the "original" copy taken from the LD and it looks very poor. My old DVD of Outbreak looks like they copied it straight from the VHS, it even has the scan lines at the far bottom that are cut off on my CRT but show up on my projector.

As far as LP and CD's. I believe on average LP's are made to a higher standard back in the day. Spec wise CD's overall are "better" but music does not bring profit so they need to cut back on mastering.

LP's can be cheap or expensive, just don't get it in your head that you need to spend X amount of dollars to get something good.
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