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12-31-11 01:17 PM
Re: Samsung HLS4266WX/XAA NO PICTURE, Timer, Lamp, Standby blinking

You may need to adjust the color wheel indexing. It does not produce moire exactly but you may be mistaking the banding effect for moire. You use the RGB ramp test patterns in the service menu and adjust the index delay until they are most smooth.

12-30-11 01:40 PM
Re: Samsung HLS4266WX/XAA NO PICTURE, Timer, Lamp, Standby blinking

The End Result:

The color wheel did the trick. I was a little worried that the excessive heat had damaged additional parts but the TV works like before with a new color wheel. When I compared the old and new color wheel there was more resistance on the rotation of the old wheel, but it was not a huge difference. The melted wires were clearly the issue at this point. I would also caution everyone in handling the color wheel particularly taking it out and putting it back in. The wheel itself is glass and very thin glass at that. The housing the color wheel sits in is cast metal (Prolly aluminum) and it is easy to break the color wheel especially when you are trying to insert it in the housing. I know on this TV the color kind of hangs upside down in the housing and it can not just be "dropped in", you have to sort of gently twist it in to position without banging the glass wheel or getting it caught on any of the surfaces inside the housing. The rubber gasket can also be a some what of a challenge, it is of a some what complex shape and can get a bit distorted when you remove the color wheel. I recommend putting the gasket on the housing and messaging it into place a bit before you actually insert the color wheel.

I did notice that the picture has a little more moire then I think it should but I suspect it is the channels my mother watches. I am going to try some different sources but if anyone has any information they want to share on the subject I am all ears.

As for the codes according to what I have read and what the tech guys at DM, they seemed to be useless most of the time on this type of Samsung.
12-22-11 05:17 PM
Re: Samsung HLS4266WX/XAA NO PICTURE, Timer, Lamp, Standby blinking

The code is whatever the LEDs are doing. The combination means something. IIRC, most likely a lamp. If there is the kind of thermal damage that you describe you need some better ventilation.

12-22-11 02:58 PM
Re: Samsung HLS4266WX/XAA NO PICTURE, Timer, Lamp, Standby blinking

Ok thanks,
I am not sure what you mean by "Codes"

I took the color wheel out last night and noticed that the wires going to the speed sensor were melted, even the little white connector was a toasty brown color. So I am going to order a new color wheel.

When I first took the tv apart I noticed some of the paper labels had started falling off and one of them was so brittle it snapped in half even when being gently handled. (First sign of excessive heat)

When I removed the tray containing the light engine I noticed the parts that were close to the TVs plastic casing had browned (discolored) the plastic casing. (Second sign of excessive heat)

When I removed the color wheel the sensor cable appeared down right crispy. (Third sign of excessive heat)

In my guesstimation the wooden cabinet that the Tv resides in just does not have adequate ventilation. So I think a little fan in the cabinet to improve ventilation will solve the problem.
12-20-11 02:06 PM
Samsung HLS4266WX/XAA NO PICTURE, Timer, Lamp, Standby blinking

I have been trying to Trouble shoot my mothers TV for her. She said one day it would not come on, the Timer light blinked, then all three lights started blinking (Timer, Lamp, Standby). Then the next day it came on and all seemed fine. The day after that it went back to no picture and the Timer, Lamp, Standby lights were blinking.

When you turn it on it does seem to be going through a cycle of trying to power up a few times then it shuts down altogether.

So I ordered an OEM Bulb and put it in, no change.

So I ordered a new ballast, no change.

Both fans are running. I also made sure the little safety cut off switch for the access panel was working properly.

So I am a little suspicious of the Color wheel at this point, I do not hear a grinding or squealing noise but I do hear a beeping noise. I originally thought this beeping noise was an actual sound from a circuit board, some sort of electronic noise not coming from the speaker, but now I wonder if it is the color wheel rubbing on something, it is a rather faint sound. Even with the back of the TV open it is hard to tell where it is coming from.

I also saw a posting on another site where a fellow had spotted a cracked thermistor on the power supply, which I can take a look at, but I suspect if I had that problem I would not have the fans powering up etc.

Anyways I am all ears if anyone has any ideas what to do next.

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