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12-27-13 07:44 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

Have anyone else painted a Diamond 450 screen?

This will most likely be my next screen paint.
07-04-13 03:41 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

Thanks for the reply.
07-04-13 02:11 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

robsong wrote: View Post
The Glidden GL9000 from HomeDepot is it the same paint as the Diamond 450.
I'm a bit confused by this, it is presented as a statement, but contains the syntax of a question so I'm assuming something got left out or twisted around somewhere. No problem - happens to the best of us.

All I can say about the matter is that my sample of Glidden GLN9000 has virtually the same reflectance and color characteristics of the sample of Glidden Diamond 450 that was sent to me. They appear to be the same.
07-04-13 01:07 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

The Glidden GL9000 from HomeDepot is it the same paint as the Diamond 450.
04-02-13 11:28 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

I guess cleaning a screen would depend on just how dirty it was. I think in most cases, which should only remove any dust that has settled or been attracted to the screen, a simple "feather duster" could be used with no fear of damaging the screen surface.

Feather dusters have a large head of very soft feathers and look something like this:

Natural feathers

Synthetic feathers

Cleaning screens that have worse problems such as crayon marks or food stains can be more problematic and a lot depends on the quality and type of the paint used to make them.

A "sandpaper finish" on a screen, assuming it's very fine, would help the screen be more of a perfect Lambertian reflector which would make the screen appear to be the same brightness no matter what angle one viewed it from. This is usually the best type of screen if you have the lumens for it.
04-02-13 10:59 AM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

I was just going to ask if anyone has cleaned their screen.....

So any recommendations? its been over a year here...I wouldnt mind wiping it off "safely"
04-01-13 11:49 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

I don't have any evidence that the "sandpaper" finish I got helped the picture at all. It's certainly possible, but there's no knowing at this point. You'd have to do a screen half and half I think to really know, or at least put up a large sample on one part of the screen. Some day I may do that... There is however a very real con to having a finish like this. I don't think there is any way at all to clean it. Some day I may have to try, but until then, I doubt you could clean it and have it look good. Plus, the rolled sample is a bit brighter. I would recommend either rolling or spraying to achieve a normal, smooth finish. I'm not screwing with mine because I love the picture right now. It may not be any better than a normal finish, but it's so good that I don't care at this point. It could be just as good with a normal, smooth finish, but why screw with success? At least until I need to clean it.

The LPE filter allows you to get around 1100 - 1200 color correct lumens in ECO lamp mode. If you don't need the output, you're better off without the filter. Currently, I'm not using mine because I have a freak PJ it seems. I'm getting around 900 lumens in ECO THX mode. Shouldn't be possible, but it looks that bright and I measured it at that level.I went through 5 or 6 PJs to get a good one, and none of the others were anywhere close to this bright. Go figure. My lamp will probably explode at some point.
04-01-13 07:02 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

Thanks to all 3 of you for the quick confirmation. Ive been lurking here on and off for what seems like years while i waited to be in a position to actually build out my first FP system and it is amazing to me how helpful and supportive the members here are to each other. Glad to see my firsthand experience has been no different.

Nak, interesting you mention how well this paint levels, since your experience with rolling earlier in this thread has me considering a HVLP purchase even though I have no experience spraying. Is the sandpaper finish you achieved difficult to do? It sounds like a happy accident, but I think it may be a key to your percieved image quality.
The pj I seem to have settled on is also the 5020, and if I can get my image to look half as good as your screen shots I don't think I'll ever leave that room. I figure I'll just do exactly what you did (9 coats seems a bit OCD to me, but I just keep going back to those pictures you took). I'll be mounting the projector about 14 to 15 feet back from the screen, which will be somewhere between 120" - 130" diagonal, so I expect it to be plenty bright. I also keep wondering how much difference that LPE filter makes, because it doesn't look like there is much chance of me getting my hands on one of those any time soon.
04-01-13 05:23 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

The reason the paint person wanted to add tint to the base was to make it more opaque and cover better. You made the correct decision to NOT have any white tint added as that would have made the final paint less color-neutral.
04-01-13 01:03 PM
Re: My Glidden Diamond 450 (White) Screen

Hey K-dub, and welcome!

Cali is right, just the base with no tint added. Used on Sintra or over a white primer you won't have any problems at all. You can spray or roll. To be honest, if you can roll well at all, this stuff really self levels in a most excellent fashion!
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