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04-17-14 06:09 PM
Re: Klipsch Reference, Aperion Audio, or SVS

With the on-line companies, they tend to be at a lower cost as they don't have the overhead of B&M locations.

You will find that both the Klipsch and Aperion bookshelf have strong attributes but will have significant different sound qualities. The RB62 should be quite bright compared to the VGB due to the different tweeters being used. So you will need to determine what type of sound you are looking for.

I would look hard at the warranty and the trial time, as well as the return policy. Some will even cover the return shipping cost if you are not satisfied.

The SVS subs can generally go lower than the Bravus 12D, and is what I recommend to anyone that wants deep low bass under 30hz.

Hope this helps!

04-13-14 04:03 PM
Re: Klipsch Reference, Aperion Audio, or SVS

The last time I was using a local B&M Shop, I just played honest with them. I always used the same salesman (they do work on commision) & told hip up front.

"I can buy this stuff online, but I would rather keep the money local, so if you can work with me--I don't mind paying a bit more for the store front. But I'm not going to pay retail!"

This approach worked great for me. The guy would see me coming & come greet me & we would talk. I told him what I would pay (I was fair) & 95% of the time it was a sale.

That being said: I had to buy my PB13U online. There was no way they could compete.
04-11-14 10:59 PM
Re: Klipsch Reference, Aperion Audio, or SVS

04-11-14 10:18 PM
chashint wrote: View Post
You say you know what this stuff sells for...just for my own reality check...Please tell me what you expect to pay for a specific set of Klipsch speakers. It can be for a pair or for a 5-7 speaker set, but be specific about the model numbers.
Relatively speaking. I don't have cost guides of every speaker on the market, but with the online resources available I have been able to call on most local retail HT shops I've gotten quotes from. They "package" everything up, tell you they're giving you a deal, meanwhile I'm able to use online resources (many of which coming from members of this forum) and get significantly better pricing. I guess they bank on those customers who come in knowing very little about the products, have deep pockets, and don't ask questions. Lots of those folks in Dallas!
04-11-14 09:41 PM
phazewolf I have seen some Home theater shops give there best deal and there price was 3x what you could find the same item online at several different sites. The markup can be crazy at some places and they seem to feel that if you walked in there door that you have not looked around and they can take you for a ride.

As for room treatments GIK has some great stuff and if you call them can help you with how much and placement of the traps.
04-11-14 08:14 PM
Re: Klipsch Reference, Aperion Audio, or SVS

You say you know what this stuff sells for...just for my own reality check...Please tell me what you expect to pay for a specific set of Klipsch speakers. It can be for a pair or for a 5-7 speaker set, but be specific about the model numbers.
04-11-14 12:16 PM
Re: Klipsch Reference, Aperion Audio, or SVS

You are in the states and you have tons of options . The best deals you wont find on a brick store but truth ID companies like Aperion or SVS and you have a 30 day trial . I heard good things from the Aperion and SVS but it all comes down to what you like since it's your money

For a receiver take a look at accessories4less
04-11-14 10:48 AM
chashint wrote: View Post
Above all be courteous and if buying a set of speakers and AVR there are deals to be negotiated.
This is my problem, none so far have been willing to negotiate anything. They tell me they're giving me their "best price" but I know too well what all this stuff sells for and their prices suck. One local store located inside some of the furniture stores around town quoted $6500 for a 7.1 system including the very lowest end in-wall Klipsch speakers, a sunfire sub, BenQ proj, and generic screen. Are you kidding???

I have read good things about the RB-62ii and RB-82ii but have only heard their floor standing stuff at Fry's. They sound pretty good although wasn't too impressed with the sub. Would the Aperion Versus or SVS Ultra sound better? Who knows. I will eq the system to my liking but I want to get a speaker that has the best sounding soundstage and most neutral sound right out of the box. Decisions decisions. Gonna be a fun 4-5 months of research before the house is built. Thanks for the input!
04-11-14 09:57 AM
chashint Hummm.
Since you want to go with the bookshelf speakers I would get the RB-81's for the fuller sound.
If they are going to be on speaker stands I would get the RF-62'S or RF-82's, again for the fuller sound and they don't take up much more floor space than the bookshelf speakers on stands.
The RC-62 is a great center channel speaker.
With your limited floor space I would consider one of the SVS cylinder subs. While the 13 ultra is certainly a beast one of the lower models would still easily be capable of overwhelming the room. Not arguing against the ultra, just sayin'.
For surround speakers opinions vary but I really like the RS series compared to the less expensive bookshelf options, but it depends on how wide of an area you want direct sound to cover.
For rears the main problem with built in speakers is they are built in.
I would go with wall mounted instead.
Sorry your experience with the Dallas area stores has been negative, mine has ranged from stellar to pathetic.
On occasion there are deals to be had at Starpower. The sales staff varies a lot in knowledge and attitude but there are lots of them so just sift through till you get one you like.
Above all be courteous and if buying a set of speakers and AVR there are deals to be negotiated.
04-11-14 12:12 AM
Re: Klipsch Reference, Aperion Audio, or SVS

Well your room sounds very similar to mine except you have 10 foot ceilings. I personally have the Aperion Verus Grand Towers and love love love them! They are such a great speaker in my opinion. If you read the reviews they are very favorable but they do have their weak points. But for the money I don't think you will be disappointed.

I have an SVS sub too but only a NSD level so I can't comment on the Ultra but I find the NSD lots in my room. Again another great buy IMO.

So in short, you can buy Aperion and SVS pretty much worry free. They are both great choices!
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