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04-22-14 08:19 PM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

Ah I never considered the piano black being distracting for theater usage before... makes sense.

I don't necessarily think the Motion 10's and 12's were ugly, they just didn't fit the rest of of ML's aesthetics IMO. Another thing is ML is known for ESL's so the traditional cone speakers they make seem to be somewhat ignored from what I've found when people discuss ML.
04-22-14 01:14 PM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

A lot of comments about the 12s being ugly. Me? I like the look. They exude a certain "dignity," sitting there, dominating the room. And, no glossy finish here. A nice, muted dark grey satin finish. I do keep the lower grille on because those lower bass speakers are too exposed to clumsy feet.

The Motion 8 center, however, is HIGH-GLOSS! fortunately, at my PLP I can only see the grille. If I could see it I'd hate it.

For me the dipole mid-range is the secret to the 12s great soundstage. Mercy, do these things project a huge soundstage, side to side and front to back. Just enormous!

Why did MartLogan discontinue them? I'd venture a guess that the "true" ML owners were furious at an entry-level system. The fact that their replacements are considerably higher is a clue. No problem, the boys down in marketing wanted a change.

old arkiedan
04-20-14 08:33 PM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

I am not a fan of the piano black finish, but I know a lot of people like it. I actually like it for the bookshelf speakers in our great room, but for anything in the music/home theater room... no shiny stuff. However, I do agree the design of the 40/20 does look better.
04-20-14 08:15 PM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

I think it was the aesthetics that did in the Motion 10's and 12's. That and maybe some snobbery involved with being able to buy the ML Motion lines at Best Buy. The Motion 20's and 40's look much nicer over all. I kinda wish I had picked up some Motion 10's at those discounted prices cuz I could use them now for rear surrounds.
04-20-14 04:18 PM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

Yeah... that is a crazy good deal on those speakers. They could easily compete with speakers costing 4 times what you paid. I don't understand MartinLogan's discontinuance of them.
04-17-14 11:05 PM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

arkiedan wrote: View Post
By the way, funny how these 12s are exposing so many lousy recordings. This rarely occurs in classical music but way too many old rock recordings are terrible! .....

Enough of this! Here's to good sound!
Hey, old arkiedan: You chose.........


No surprise at all that you are tickled with the Motion 12's. When we had the Motion 12's and the A5's set up side by side, we had a hard time telling them apart. The differences were very subtle, and under slightly different conditions the nod very well might have gone toward the Motion 12's. Getting them for $400 - wow, I am a little jealous.

While I am a die-hard A5 fan, in your case it would probably be a waste of effort to look for a significant upgrade in the A5's over your Motion 12's. And if you are the kind of guy who loves a deal..... and it sounds like you are..... quit while you are ahead! Save that energy for when the WAF tide turns against the current speaker position.

Enjoy your Motion 12's!
04-17-14 07:26 AM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

Well, I've lived with the 12s long enough to know I'm going to stay with them. No need to hunt for "a little more". I did pick up a new Motion 8 on eBay for 3/4 of the price of the 12s.

Of course I find I'm listening to very little surround sound and more and more music. Even dusted off the turntable and mixed a new batch of disk cleaning fluid.

Of course, my wife comes into the room and asks, "Are we ever going to watch TV again?" My answer, ""

old arkiedan
04-16-14 11:38 AM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

Once my room is setup I'm going to compare my current towers with a pair of Motion 40's that I will return. I'm hoping the Motion 40's will be close to the new ArxA5 or A7. I love the sound of my current speakers but I can't help but love the reviews of the Arx and older Motions.

Being in Canada finding a pair of Motion 12's might be difficult.
04-16-14 10:34 AM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

Absolutely. I could easily be happy with either. In fact, for several months I tossed around the idea in my head of picking up those Motion 12s from Sonnie. And he will tell you the same. Both are the kind of speakers that will be remembered years from now as real standouts even when considering products twice their price.

04-16-14 09:35 AM
Re: Maybe it's me, but these things are terrific!

Sounds to me like you have the speakers you desire for YOU at this point..........don't get "the grass is greener" syndrome just yet.

Keep in mind, the new Arx A5c-rx's will be somewhat more than the $799/ pr listed for the A5's .......so they will be over double the price you paid for the ML's......will the Arx be twice as good? I don't think so ( disclaimer: I own the Arx A5's). And I think the reviewers for the $1000 speaker evaluation would agree ( Leonard already said so in so many words)......
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