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03-24-08 01:28 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

Good to hear, sounds like you're pretty pleased w/the changes. While the CR series don't sound bad, they lack some of the clarity and imaging the VR series are capable of. Even when comparing some CR65s with Boston Bravos I have, matched with a decent sub, it's no comparision which sounds more precise, throws a better soundstage and are better overall performers.

If you think the clarity and imaging is improved with movies, wait until you hear some of your favorite music with your new setup, you'll be even more pleased with your decision... -TD
03-24-08 12:04 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

I just setup my VR3s and replaced the two rear CR67s with a couple of Bravo II's. Sounds very nice! I'm very happy with the sound, very clear and musical. I can definity tell a difference between the Boston Acoustics VR and the Kortec tweeter.

I have not had much time to test them out yet. So far though: I always test out my speakers with the movie Cars in HD since the sound is amazing. I did notice the movie had much better imaging, and low end.
03-19-08 12:23 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

I received my VR12 yesterday. Wow what a big difference. I wasnt really impressed with my sound setup until now. Even though its still the VR1 speakers with the CR67 surrounds it still is worlds of a difference (with the VR12).

The VR3s arrived, i just need to go pick them up at my buddies house.
03-17-08 01:40 AM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

I understand the VR line is awesome. I do think the Bravo II surrounds should be part of this VR line but they arent since they are "multipurpose". I watch movies with my current speakers and it seems like the surrounds rarley get to be used. I just think having big VR1s is a big over kill since IMO surrounds get used a small fraction of the amount the mains and center is being used. I just like having the sound come in front different directions, so as long as its clear, im happy. Lots of people use the Bravo IIs as their main speakers and they say as long as you have a sub to handle everything below 80Hz, it's a great setup. So I'm thinking this setup I have will be great.
03-16-08 11:29 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

Personally, I think the VR1s are worth more than $280. The VR line is discontinued and Boston's replacement lines aren't quite up to the same standard from what I have read. I'd imagine (hope) they are working on a new Reference series of speakers.

Everybody has different tastes in sonic characteristics, but when I auditioned quite a few speakers hovering around the $1000 range, the Boston VR line clearly stood out to me as the best. VR3s are at the top of the line, but that doesn't mean the VR1s are chopped liver. Ultimately though, you'll get what the market is willing to pay.

Per som glowing reviews on this website, I'm going to listen to some Martin Logan speakers in the near future, but I can't say I'm optimistic that they will be able to overtake my preference from the VR3s.
03-16-08 07:34 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

I see what you're saying. You think I'm asking too much for my VR1s though?

I already have the Bravo IIs at my house right now. Plus I want 7.1 surround so I got 4 bravo II's (in black, important to me) for $110 a piece. That was a smoking deal I found at an online store.

Basically everything is purchased already, what I dont have yet is in the mail. I dont have the room for 2 more big speakers in the rear of the room either, so I went with something I can mount on the wall.

So what about the 80Hz that the Bravo IIs can only go down to? Probably not an issue for surrounds im guessing.

So my setup is:

VR3's (mains)
VR12 (center)
4 Bravo II's (surrounds)
03-16-08 05:59 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

I see you are selling your VR1s.....and then purchasing Bravo IIs for surrounds. I'd imagine what you will pay to have the Bravos shipped to you is just a little less than what you are asking for the V1s (can you see where I am going with this yet? ). Why not just use the VR1s as your surrounds? They are a much better speaker in all regards, and take it from me, surround overkill - though not needed - makes you sleep better at nights. Then push your CR67s to rear surround duty.
03-16-08 01:07 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

Should sound nice when I get everything all setup. I'm waiting on a VR12 to come in Monday, and I already have a box of 4 Bravo II's here (to match the VR tweeter). Yes the Bravo IIs have the VR tweeter, for some reason there are lots of people that think they dont (but it says so in the manual).

I know that the Bravo II's don't have much bass (only down to 80Hz) but do surrounds need good bass? What's your opinion on using them as surrounds since they are so directional and I hear the ideal surround speaker is omnidirectional?

I didn't go with the VRX because I was told the sound is muffled, and everyone says the Bravo's have crystal clear sound.
03-16-08 12:37 PM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

Very cool! Definitely let us know your impressions once you get them set up, calibrate them and give them a good test run w/some movies and music... -TD

The SVS set, while a decent set for the money, will not compete w/the VR setup you mentioned...
03-16-08 12:31 AM
Re: Boston Acoustics VR1 worth upgrade to VR3?

Found some VR3s! come monday they are at my house
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