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Ftamoog 07-11-10 02:47 PM

Philips 51PW9503 F75

hi to all,
my tv quit working !!!!! when turn it on, all what i got is a dark screen with beeping noise
last year i was able to change the convergence ic, and it was working great, but now it is not.
any ideas where to start please .
thank you:hissyfit:

CVinje 07-11-10 05:34 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

Is that the correct model number? Perhaps you meant 9303? Just trying to see if I can help before the experts weigh in.


lcaillo 07-11-10 06:24 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

Your post has been moved to the correct forum to maintain forum organization and to make your post easier for others to find. Please review theI organzation of the forums and post in the most appropriate place in the future. This makes less work for the volunteers that moderate and make it more likely that those who can help find your posts.

Where did you buy your parts. My guess is that you bought your parts from a vendor that is not selling the most reliable parts and you have another convergence failure. Read the first ten posts of the convergence repair sticky linked below very carefully.


CVinje 07-11-10 06:27 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

I'd be willing to bet lcaillo is correct - the chips have failed again. The beep might be what's being referred to as a chirp and when I do some searching with the model number as 9303 instead of 9503, I find that to be the cause most often.


Ftamoog 07-12-10 01:42 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

thank you so much guise for your quick answer :wave:
and sorry for posting at the wrong area.. i guess i am blind, as i could't read the model number correct.

first of all i bought the ic off ebay. which i am sure it is not original parts, it was cheap price. i was afraid i can't do it my self. but if this is the case i ll buy new ic from an authorized dealer. but i thought the convergence board will not display a black screen !!!! it will display a bad picture, but i have no picture at all, power light is on and beeps. i ll change them and post the result very soon.
thank you again

CVinje 07-12-10 01:49 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

If you need a source for the chips check MCM electronics - I have ordered from them previously and they are on the vendor list on this site.

You may want to look at ordering the entire kit instead from tvrepairkits.com HERE. I've since only ordered the entire kits as I don't have a supply for resistors and pico fuses (etc) locally and it's just more convenient to have it all in one kit (comes with heatsink compound as well).

Best of luck to you!!


lcaillo 07-12-10 10:00 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

I have repeatedly said that there are only a handful of vendors who have not had problems with the quality of their chips from time to time. MCM is not one of them, IME. TVRepairKits at one time bought their chips from the vendors that I have recommended, but according to those vendors no longer do so.

Many consumers and techs have wasted their time on cheaper parts. Just buy them from the recommended vendors, B&D, Acme, or Electronica of Denver (not Electronix). Follow the details of the convergence sticky carefully, and check and recheck everything.

CVinje 07-12-10 10:17 PM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

Ahhhhhhh! - I'm sorry lcaillo, I was trying to help and was making it worse for this guy. Thanks for keeping up on the threads and keeping those that know just enough to be dangerous (like me) from leading others astray.

I'll be more careful in doling out information in the future and keep trying to help others solve their problems by searching the forums and net for solutions that have already been found.


Ftamoog 07-13-10 12:01 AM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

i toke the convergence board cable out out (that one coming from the power board) turn on tv, but nothing at all
so i think my tv can't work without the convergence board on. now i have the board out of the set, mi ic is STK-392-120 i don't think it is sanyo, anyway reading Icaillo post he mentioned that STK-392-160 is a superior sub for my STK-392-120, do you think i go ahead and order 160 ?????
thank you.

lcaillo 07-13-10 07:28 AM

Re: Philips 51PW9503 F75

I don't think I ever said that the STK394-160 is a superior sub for the 392-120. The -120 is a 4 amp chip, and we don't know about the -160, but suspe3ct it to be a 3 amp chip. What I have said is that unless you know specifically that something is a good sub, and know specifically WHY, one should stick with the original part. When there is ANY doubt, DO NOT make substitutions.

Again, read and re-read the first ten posts of the convergence repair sticky.

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