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PoolMan 04-21-11 12:59 PM

philips 60pp9100/37, control problem

Hello! Well its been a long time since i've posted for advice, but i am stumped on my latest project. I recently picked up a philips 60pp9100d/37, chassis-dptv585 off the side of the road(my wife says i have OtvD,obsessive tv disorder). The set powers up through my universal remote and is on the hdmi input, I can get a picture and sound. The set just need some convergence adjustment but seems to have promise.
But it seems that very few remote functions are working and only the volume is working from the front keyboard. When my remote sends a signal, the power led blinks like it is recieving it, but only the volume, mute, info and exit work.I can enter a channel number, but the up/down channel buttons do not change anything.I also canot change the input from either remote or keyboard.The first few times i powered the set up i was able to get into the menu through the front keyboard,but i could only move the cursor left,right and could not select up and down. Now, i cant get anyreaction from the menu button.
I checked all the keyboard buttons and found no open,shorted connections, and the board is getting 5.2v on pin1 of its connector.It is also getting aprox 3.3 on pin 5 and 7. I havent found a service manual yet so not sure about the 3.3 voltages. I removed the small signal board and found nothing obvious. All connections were in place, and no obvious damaged commponents. The power supply seems to be outputing normal voltages,but cant confirm that yet.
So if this problem rings a bell with anyone, i'd greatly appreciate any advice. I'll probably just strip it for parts ,but figured its worth a try for repair since the picture seems decent.
Just a little background on me. I've been working around electronics for about 20yrs and tried to get an EE degree,but got sick of being broke and went back to work. I've been repairing electronice of any kind as a hobby for over a year now and have had many sucsesfull projects. But i always refer here first for info ,since lcailo seems to be one of the best around for helping DIY guys like me. As a side note my first post here was last year and the 56"jvc is still going strong,thanks to following the HTS guy's repair advice.

Thanks in advance,
Dan the pool man.

lcaillo 04-21-11 11:05 PM

Re: philips 60pp9100/37, control problem

Front panel tact switches would be my first guess, then maybe micro problems. These can be a bear to service in these areas.

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