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bthornton23 03-01-08 03:19 AM

Philips 55P8288 Fuzzy Picture

Hey guys, Just found this forum and thought maybe you could help me out.

My step-dad bought this tv for $200 and my mom don't want it cause the picture is so bad, it went to my step sis but now she don't want it so im next in line.

I really like this tv and I have seen projections that are fuzzy before but this is really bad.

Example: When your in the menu with a black screen and green letters there is a green glow that spreads out about 3-4 inches around the letter. Now imagine this when you watching the thing. None of the colors are right cause everything blurs together. Not something I think I could get used to. Before I take this TV I would like to know if it is economical to repair.

Any help is greatly appreciated and Thank You in advance

lcaillo 03-01-08 05:52 AM

Re: Philips 55P8288 Fuzzy Picture

Sounds like classic Philips contaminated coolant on the CRTs. There is a thread with info on this problem here:


bthornton23 03-03-08 09:23 AM

Re: Philips 55P8288 Fuzzy Picture

Wow...having never worked on a television set before Im not sure how I will go about this but thank you very much for refering me to the very imformative thread. They way you describe the "halo" effect i believe this is more than likely the issue.

Thank again

bthornton23 03-05-08 07:45 AM

Re: Philips 55P8288 Fuzzy Picture

OK so I talked to the lady my step dad bought the TV from to see if they ever looked into getting the fuzzy problem fixed and she insists that the picture was fine before it was picked up. Maybe it was maybe it wasn't but I would like to ask this.

The TV has been moved a couple times. From the sellers to my ma's and from my ma's to my sisters. The problem was notice at my moms. Could vibration or bumping around in the moving process have caused this problem?

Also...if they plugged it in right away when it was cold could that cause the problem? It has been very cold here lately.

I would hate to dig into this and find out that it is something other than the coolant. It's always a possibilty but if these other 2 things are a possiblilty I may consider just taking it to a pro unless of course you would have a fix for that also :)

lcaillo 03-05-08 12:33 PM

Re: Philips 55P8288 Fuzzy Picture

The problem could be made worse by moving, or temperature changes. These issues really don't matter, however, as the result is the same. Virtually all Philips made CRT RPTVs will develop the coolant contamination problem eventually. There may be other problems, such as convergence failures which are common. I would suggest upgrading the convergence chips as well as changing the coolant if you plan to keep the set for a while. You will have to adjust the focus and convergence anyway, so changing the output ICs is no big deal.

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