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Sonnie 12-24-08 10:42 PM

Building the Pulse...


Coming from this thread... I have started to build my Pulse sub... nearly finished with its assembly.

I will be using the Audiopulse AX15D2 Axis 15" driver... powered by the Behringer EP2500, bridged 4 ohms.

The cabinet will be an LLT design, although it will only be tuned to about 20Hz. The volume will be approximately 7.5ft^3 with an 8.125" port at 40" long.



Here's a few construction pics:







I hope to have it finished by tomorrow and maybe get some REW measurements over the weekend.

No doubt I will be trying it out with some movie action. I have been without a sub for several months now.

After this... it's an IB with 4 Fi Audio IB3 18's. :T

Warpdrv 12-24-08 11:08 PM

Re: Building the Pulse...

Nice Sonnie.... that thing should slaughter... good clean accurate bass...

I like the 20hz tune, should still present you with some nice upper bass....

I wish I could put a huge ported sub in my house, but that just aint happenin...

I can't wait to see what happens to all those little trinkets on all those shelves.. Please tell me that you have a plan to video record the battle that wages on between all of them to see who ends up the king of the hill... :D

robbo266317 12-25-08 04:28 AM

Re: Building the Pulse...

Hi Sonnie,

That is one beautiful piece of woodworking (or a work of art).

Well done.:4.5stars:

a1161979 12-25-08 05:38 AM

Re: Building the Pulse...

Very, very good cabinet construction there Sonnie... Who did it :rofl:

I guess it can be your Christmas present this year :bigsmile: I presume the Port will fire up into the room and the driver downwards? Those Audiopulse Drivers look the goods

Just a side note, arnt you worried about that low port resonance? it looks like 168Hz which seems lowish although i guess its too late anyway

Looking great and cant wait to see and hear listening impressions

Mike P. 12-25-08 07:39 AM

Re: Building the Pulse...

If you use a 4th order crossover at 80 hz the first port resonance can be as low as 125 hz and it will have no effect on the frequency response.

Sonnie 12-25-08 09:43 AM

Re: Building the Pulse...

I plan to use the 80Hz LPF, so 168Hz shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks on the comps... the pics actually make it look better than it really is. :sarcastic:

Rodny taught me well. :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :heehee:

avaserfi 12-25-08 09:55 AM

Re: Building the Pulse...

This will be an absolute monster. The 5 cube sealed axis I just built seemed to fill an 8500 cubic foot room very well. It was flat to 15Hz with minor equalization and was very visceral! So your ported version will probably have more than enough output for anyone's needs.

These are amazing drivers. I am jealous!

Sonnie 12-25-08 08:47 PM

Re: Building the Pulse...

Well it's all done and playin' live now. It does wonders for watching satellite.

I watched a little bit of the Eagles and the bass sounded like it was coming from the screen... and actually sounded pretty good with no equalization. I bet when I measure it, it will be all over the place. :sarcastic:

I tested a scene from Jurassic Park III and it did all it was supposed to do with that scene. I didn't get too carried away with it for now, since I don't have a HPF on it. I want to test WOTW, Transformers, and a few others. But mainly I want to get some REW measurements. Maybe the wife will slip out of the house tomorrow and I can play a bit.

Here are the final pics...





It barely ... I mean barely fit. I had to take the door off for it to slide through the opening.

The exterior of the unit will remain unfinished for now.

Mike P. 12-25-08 10:23 PM

Re: Building the Pulse...

Any idea what you'll use for a HPF?

Sonnie 12-25-08 10:55 PM

Re: Building the Pulse...

I have a DCX2496, which I can use to set up a Butterworth 2nd order HPF at 20Hz, but I wanted to make sure of my tuning frequency first. I may go ahead and pick up the ED eQ.2 because I will need a 5Hz HPF with the 4 Fi IB3 18's in my IB build. That's when IB in sub heaven. :bigsmile:

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