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mwmkravchenko 11-27-12 10:39 PM

Ultimate Subwoofer

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This will probably be the drop off point for most of the info for the revamped ultimate horn subwoofer.

This box has been built by quite a few gents and delivers boom like none other I have designed or listened to.

The original driver is no longer available, but there is a replacement. And it actually significantly outperforms the original driver in sensitivity and extension.

Yes there is still life for this beast.

kadijk 11-28-12 12:15 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Good deal, Mark. Nice to see the horn has found an official home on HTS. It's happy thunder if you ask me.

gperkins_1973 11-28-12 01:06 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Defo watching out for this one. And the box doesn't look too huge.

chrapladm 11-28-12 04:39 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Where is the ported subwoofer? LOL

Nice to see another horn build.

robbo266317 11-28-12 05:15 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Ok, you have my attention... That is a serious looking cabinet.

I look forward to the end results.

mwmkravchenko 11-28-12 07:16 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

2 Attachment(s)
This is a post-over from another forum.

What I'm trying to do is set up all the builds are in one place and I can provide support for them easily.

You gents who know someone, or are the someone who has built this beast, please post your links and comments in this thread. Makes looking after it a bit easier.

So who has or who is making this box?

mose, kadijk, Cyberfloatie, And I think there are more guys who have built this enclosure.

The guy in the cool shades is licensed to drive this tractor. And old enough to know better!

PerthPete 11-28-12 09:01 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Hi guys - I am glad to see this horn project being re-established. It seems like all those who have built it are in awe of its ability and effortless power. Mark is the guru - and a very helpful gentleman !

Mark - I have all the plans now and am hoping to make a start over our Christmas break. I think I will go over the top and do a pair !

Question. The braces. I gather that you did all that marvellous carpentry to make interesting holes to try to keep the weight down. If I decide that weight is not too much of an issue - can I forget about those holes ?
I sort of wonder whether the waveform flow might actually be just that tiny bit smoother with less edges to flow past - or am I just being pedantic ? Weight vs build time ?

Question/comments. You have stated in the design that the mouth can be - at the side (narrow side), on the end (for a lying down installation) or on the wide side.
I want to go with the mouth on the wide side - so that I can stand it along the rear wall and have the mouth in the bottom corner.
The area of the mouth needs to be the same - so it will not be exactly square due to being side on to box i.e. the slope of the last expansion. I can calculate that without too much hassle.
I will also have to adjust the design of the braces - to now flow thru to the side wall - but at right angles to the mouth - i.e. the same as the other cross-braces. I guess I still can do some round pole braces, but they will run at 90degrees to the ones in the standard plan

Thanks for the performance data on the Faital driver - it does indeed look like it is every bit as good, possibly better.
Being in Australia, any thoughts as to the best place to buy the drivers - from a US source, then ship on to Aus, or check out a European dealer ? I might try the Hong Kong distributor.

Question. Glues. We dont have those brands of Loctite glue on the market here - but there are dozens of construction adhesives. I use Sika polyurethane adhesive by the ton here in timber flooring. That is a semi-flexible polyurethane adhesive. We have foaming Polyurethane adhesives but they are really vigorous foaming - so too much for this work.
Should I go for a semi-flexible, or a more rigid adhesive ?


chrapladm 11-28-12 09:09 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Sikaflex poly works fine and PL premium is here in Australia also. Which drivers are recommended?

Faitals aren't always cheap but sometimes. 18 Sound can be found here for the same price in the USA but depends on model.

PerthPete 11-28-12 09:28 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Mark has recommended this driver FAITAL PRO 12FH510
Do you know, or could you point me in the direction to find out if they are available here is Australia - thanks.

I will probably use Sika T55 as I buy it for work and love it.

I was considering using 12mm MDF but will stick with 12mm ply DD exterior grade - again I buy those for work.
Light and very strong.

mwmkravchenko 11-28-12 10:20 AM

re: Ultimate Subwoofer

Two things.

The beautiful pictures are of a enclosure done by Bill Harms.

The wholy braces saved under four pounds or just about two kilos of materials.


Hope you are a big dude.

Solar is just fine. It is available here to.

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