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craigsub 05-01-08 06:27 AM

Winners announced all day !!!

Our First Winner is # 21 !!

If you were the 21st person to join TCA's forum, you have won a Gizmo.

Winners are:

1. Matt34
2. BrettJB
3. Ryankc
4. nwboater
5. coy
6. rtalk
7. Bluzman
8. Knobturner75

billnchristy 05-01-08 06:40 AM

Is there an easy way to figure out what number someone is? I just spent a couple seconds trying and it wasn't apparent.

craigsub 05-01-08 06:41 AM

Sure, all one needs to do is hold the cursor over his/her screen name. The # will appear at the bottom left of the screen - for example, Bill, you are #3.

billnchristy 05-01-08 06:42 AM

Groovy...I knew it was something simple...had to engineer some difficulty into it. ;)

Musicmaniac 05-01-08 07:32 AM

Oh well, I missed it by one. :fryingpan:

craigsub 05-01-08 07:35 AM

Matt34 is our first winner. Matt is also (I believe) back in Iraq, and is a great guy. Congratulations, Matt !!

craigsub 05-01-08 07:36 AM

Winner TWO is #134

Matt34 05-01-08 08:09 AM

Really? Bad !

Thanks to Bill for directing me to this, forgot all about this.:thumbsup:

Thanks Craig!

Buzz3 05-01-08 08:26 AM

Awesome... I love it when the good guys win!!! Congrats Matt.

hcw3 05-01-08 08:56 AM

FYI the number thing only works with Internet Exploder, Fire fox suppresses URL encoded identifiers. (come-on 203)

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