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Bolducaj 03-24-15 09:29 PM

REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

Hi everybody - my first post and I am looking for help.

I decided to jump into room mesurement with the aim to do room treatment and some signal correction through miniDSP. I downloaded REW on my old laptop to discover that it is not 5.1 or 7.1 capable. OK, I bought an external sound card (USB), installed the driver, hooked up the sound card into OPPO 105 optical input. I tested with windows and test signals are ok into each channel (windows send a test to each speaker, one at the time).

I opened REW, configured the new sound card into ASIO Control pannel, tested the selected channel.... not good - just main left and right speakers working. Tried to change outputs from 1 to 2 to 3.... etc. Still same result: both left and right speakers working (not just one) and not able to have other speakers playing...

Anyody would have any idea on what is the problem???

Bolducaj 03-25-15 07:40 AM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

I continued to search for solutions. I realized that in the sound card driver, analog output setting was configured to stereo (I only use the digital out but sometime those settings may do weird things). I changed to 5.1, re-configured ASIO panel in REW, tested one channel, and... not working but the problem is now different: I hear the noise (test) in one of the two main speakers (not both anymore) but only for 1 second and it stops by itself, all ASIO parameters (input and output) keep reseting to nothing after the 1 second of noise... Still not able to get sound from the center speaker or surrounds through REW.

I re-tested the driver and the sound card with windows another time and it still work with the five speakers - no problem. The problem remains when I use REW.

Any ideas?

JohnM 03-25-15 04:41 PM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

I suspect that when you tested with Windows it generated a multi-channel encoded signal with just the requested channel active and your Oppo decoded the signal to the correct channel. If the USB soundcard you bought has 5.1 or 7.1 outputs the signals selected with the ASIO driver are probably appearing on the corresponding output connections of the soundcard, the optical connection is probably only carrying the stereo front L/R signals in that configuration.

Bolducaj 03-25-15 07:51 PM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

Thanks JohnM for the feedback. I am going to explore in that direction.

I am also considering simply returning the sound card to Amazon and buy one that has proven record of compatibility with REW. Something like Creative Sound Blaster.

Anybody would have suggestions for an external USB sound card with digital out (coax or optical), minimum 5.1?

Thanks in advance

JohnM 03-26-15 05:45 PM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

The same issue would apply to any other soundcard unless it had an HDMI output, HDMI is the only interface I know of that provides direct access to the individual channels of 5.1 or 7.1 outputs in a way that you could connect to your Oppo, otherwise you would need to connect the various outputs of the soundcard to the analog 7.1 inputs of an AVR or similar.

Bolducaj 03-26-15 09:48 PM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working


OK, I get it! Many thanks for your support. I will stop wasting my time (well, I did not waste it since I learned something...).

I will go manually with analog connection to test speakers and room without goint through the Oppo.

I appreciate your support, John.


trobbins 01-15-17 06:00 AM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

I'll keep this thread going if that is ok.

I have a VIA VT1630A USB soundcard, with minimal 3.5mm stereo sockets (2 channels for line out, and 2 for line in). The interface works well with REW Java driver at 48kHz sampling, as I can select USB device as well as select the left channel for line out and line in (I have modified the hardware to only provide a ground referenced left channel output - the default hardware references the output to half V+). The auto calibration process works well with a direct loopback cable.

However I get stuck when choosing ASIO4ALL v2. The ASIO control panel correctly identifies the USB device with 2 input and 2 output channels, each able to handle 96kHz at 24 bit.

I can select the sample rate as 96kHz. For output and input selection I have "1: USB Audio Device 1" and "2: USB Audio Device 2" options. If I select '1' for both, then I can only choose '2' as the loopback input. I assume '1' would be left channel and '2' would be right channel.

If I initiate a calibration process, I usually get a 'No soundcard input data' error window, or no response. Sometimes I have seen the OUT level indicator respond for a brief moment but then I get an 'ASIO Device Reset' caution window with the message 'Reset Request from driver/ Inputs and outputs may need to be re-selected'.

If I choose 1 for output and 2 for input, with loopback to 1, then I can get through to the 'Make a measurement' window, but there is no further activity. If I physically connect input channels 1 and 2 together, I still get the same response.

I've sort of tried a few of the options in the ASIO control panel, but no apparent change.

The soundcard works ok with TrueRTA at 96kHz.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on what I could do to progress the calibration, as I am unsure where the problem lies.

Regards, Tim

EarlK 01-15-17 07:42 AM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

- Cards like this are not on the REW recommended list.

- Buy a card ( & mic ) that are recommended .

- See here! for useful suggestions.

- 48K sample rates are more than enough for REW testing.

- If Java is working for you, then use it .


trobbins 01-15-17 08:07 AM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working

Thanks for responding Earl.

I know I use REW for different purposes than most here, and for the intended aim of the software, and am happy to go out on a limb with respect to how I would like to utilise REW. So I'm not appealing for app improvements just for my use, but more an appeal to see if I can better utilise what I have to hand.

My use is for valve amp testing, where I (and others) would rather accidentally damage a $7 soundcard, and there is a benefit in having extended RTA bandwidth, and I only need simple single channel line-in/out interconnections. REW is super for its RTA, and ability to do IM distortion, as well as automated harmonic distortion assessment, and THD+N.


EarlK 01-15-17 08:44 AM

Re: REW with USB 7.1 external sound card - not working


You'd do yourself a favor if you made your own thread ( in circumstances like these ).

Label it appropriately, such as ( Testing Line Level Electronics with REW ) or something like that.

Simply tagging onto a 7.1 thread strongly suggests that, that is also what you are up to ( ie; balancing 7.1 speakers ) which is quite obviously the furthest from the truth.

How you ask for help /> actually matters to the type & quality offered.


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