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Code Red 01-10-13 10:28 PM

Single SI HT 18 build

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Hey. Thought I'd make a build thread of my new sub beings that I like reading them and maybe others do too. This is my second DIY speaker project, but I'm far from being much good at it. Im still learning woodworking and about as far from an engineer as you can get. I've been reading threads here and elsewhere for quite awhile now and have learned a lot. This is a great forum.

So I picked up an SI HT 18 on preorder, seemed like a good deal. I've modeled all of the 15's and 18's in my price range and decided on a single 18 in a sealed box. I know I lose some SPL down low compared to ported, but the simplicity of the build as well as knowing how a sealed box in this room sounds steered me in this direction. Im replacing an old Velodyne F-1200 which did surprisingly well. I think I'm fortunate to have some nice room gain here.

I went with a box with outside dimensions of 34"h X 24"w X 21.75"d. Using .75" thick mdf sandwiched to .75" plywood for sides and back. Double .75" mdf for top and bottom. Baffle is 2 layers of .75" ply plus a .75" layer of mdf for the front. All bracing is double .75" mdf. After calculating the bracing volume I end up with about 5.75 cubic feet inside. I know its probably overkill and will be heavy, but my design philosophy is if its worth building, its worth overbuilding.:T

Now for some pics.

Beer and power tools.
Attachment 39892
Gluing the baffle
Attachment 39896
ply from home depot. Had to squeeze a bunch of glue in and clamp up.
Attachment 39897
Attachment 39900
Gluing in bracing
Attachment 39899
Attachment 39901
Attachment 39903
Attachment 39904
Attachment 39905
Attachment 39906
Attachment 39907
More pics to come.

fusseli 01-10-13 10:51 PM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

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Great work! I approve of the beer philosophy. Looks like it will be a solid box, you must have made a lot of dust with all of those routed edges!

Mike P. 01-11-13 05:31 AM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

Looking good!

erwinbel 01-11-13 06:19 AM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

I just love the last three pics in B/W! I say print them big and hang 'em in your HT.

Okay, okay, the build looks nice too...

theJman 01-11-13 07:28 AM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

That's your idea of not knowing how to do work with wood?!? I can't wait to see what you build when you feel otherwise... :yikes:

BTW; keep some of that beer handy. You'll need it to bribe a friend to help you move that beast. :D

chrapladm 01-11-13 09:22 AM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

Gorgeous ply and great looking build so far. Looks like a labor of love there. :T

BD55 01-11-13 09:37 AM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

Still learning woodworking, huh? It looks like you have a pretty good handle on it... :D Nice work so far, I'm looking forward to your build progress. :T

lucasa.miller 01-11-13 12:48 PM

Love how you doubled up on the bracing. I used a single layer interlocking in mine and its not as "dead" as I thought it was going to be.

Code Red 01-11-13 10:24 PM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I think the key for me is to take it slow. As much as I want to hear the end result I really just enjoy making things. Im already thinking about some new mains and a new center. The mains Im using were my first DIY speaker project and I think they turned out good, but they were designed more for music. In heavy duty HT use they could use more power handling, they would make great surrounds though.
Still gluing up the bracing
Attachment 39929
Attachment 39928
Getting there. Im surprised so far with the fit. Im using a $300 table saw and a circular saw, not exactly the best tools for accuracy. Still, I've had no major problems.
Attachment 39930
Gluing up the other side panel.
Attachment 39932
From the back. I used titebond III for all the bracing on to one side and the top(along with lots of 2.5" deck screws) because it was easy to use, but for the other side I used Locite PL fast grab premium. That stuff is like concrete, but I thought it would fill any slight cracks better. Im happy the way it worked, theres a nice bead on all inside seams, though I'll probably still go over everything with caulking just in case.
Attachment 39931
I'll try to get the back on tomorrow, maybe get some caulking in.

The reason I say I'm just learning woodworking is that my grandfather was a master woodworker. My use of butt joints and screws as clamping would have appalled him. He was highly skilled at joinery. Dovetails and stuff that barely needed glue. I doubt he ever used MDF in his life. I also doubt he could have imagined someone wanting an 18" 900 watt high excursion subwoofer in their home. I have no doubt though he could have crafted it with much more skill than I could ever dream of.

dougc 01-12-13 12:33 AM

Re: Single SI HT 18 build

I bet your grandfather would have whittled one out of hickory if he wanted to, and if he's like mine was, would be proud that you are building it instead of taking the easy path. The build looks awesome so far, enjoy it because it will be over before you know it!

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