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nwf477 02-08-15 06:00 AM

Help with set up please!

I am trying very hard to use REW for setting up my Marty Cube ( it sounds great but I want to make it better). I have a HP Compaq 6000 Pro Micro Tower the options for an internal sound card were limited so I purchased a Diamond Audio XS71HDU. I have it connected USB from Computer to Card. I am using SPDIF optical out to my Yamaha RX-V1600 rcvr. I have a RS Digital SPL meter connected by rca to a "Y" 2m to 3.5mm stereo jack to "line in" on card then I used another "Y" from the Line out from the card to the phone input on rcvr. ( I am using the right channel ) I also connected on the left the loop back connection. This seems to be ? working however when doing a sound card calibration under the Preferences Tab I have selected Jave the input andd output of the Card ( no clue on what sweep level should be etc.) Tried to calibrate the signal level is too low. I was also told to try ASIO, I downloaded ASIO4 and going back to the tab instead of Jave I selected ASIO and now I see ASIO CMedia ( I think it is the sound card ) but under input and output all I see is Channels 1-8. I am pretty much stuck, I hope I explained all of this correctly and I hope someone can help. My ultimate goal is to get another Marty Cube built and then get the Mic. to do a proper set-up but in the mean time I was hoping to at least get some practice with REW.

nwf477 02-08-15 06:25 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

Just to add maybe I should have posted this in the REW thread but I saw the SPL meters and sound cards so I put it here.

JohnM 02-08-15 06:32 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

You mention you are using the S/PDIF optical output to the receiver, I assume that is not for measurement?

On the analog connections, you described using a 3.5mm stereo to 2xRCA mono connections from the soundcard line in, with one being linked to the RS digital meter's RCA output and the other used for a timing loopback connection. You then mention another 3.5mm splitter for line out, but images of your soundcard show that it has RCA connections for L and R, doesn't seem to have a line out?

When you are doing a soundcard calibration you are testing the path you normally use for measurement, so you need to connect the Right channel output to the right channel input in place of your RS meter. The timing loopback connection is not used to calibrate the soundcard (because it is not the path you are measuring with).

nwf477 02-08-15 06:52 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

Thanks John I am not an expert when I first bought the Card I wanted something cleaner than using RCA's I needed an external card since there were more options to me. The Diamond Card has the Optical going to my RCVR opt1. There are several i/p's and o/p's to the card. I have the "Y" going from the SPL to the "line in" on the card I have the "line out" (the headphone jack) to the phono input of the rcvr. On the meter there is only one rca connection it is neither right nor left. If that helps here is another question should I use Java or ASIO?

nwf477 02-08-15 06:54 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

I forgot to add I assumed I needed the loopback connection since everytime I tried to calibrate it kept mentioning this. I might have it completely hooked up wrong.

nwf477 02-08-15 07:06 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

If you go the Diamond Audio website go to sound cards then look for XS71HDU it will show where a headphone can be connected on the card itself it says HP out. Since I am just trying to measure the sub. would it be better to go to the Sub out on the card? ( I have no idea or should I forget about this card and just use whatever microsoft card came with the computer?)

nwf477 02-08-15 07:46 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

Another question concerning the output of the card since I have a deidcated left and right channel rca should I get a rca "y" to use connect the right channel off of the card use one end to rcvr the other to loopback?

Wayne A. Pflughaupt 02-08-15 08:37 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

Diamond’s spec sheet for this sound card says it has RCA’s for line outputs and 3.5 mm for line inputs. So, get a stereo 3.5 mm to RCA splitter like this. Connect one of the RCAs and then you’ll be able to do your calibration.

For running sweeps for measurement, use the RCA outputs to your Yamaha. You don’t need the S/PDIF connection. I’m not up on ASIO, but I think it’s for multichannel. Since you’re only dealing with the front (stereo) line outputs, I believe Java is what you want.

There may be some kind of internal configuration specific to the sound card required to accomplish this; you’ll have to figure all that out yourself. If you bought this card solely for REW, you would probably have been better off with a simple stereo model.


nwf477 02-08-15 10:25 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

I have 2 of them. I hook the 3.5mm jack to line in the other to the ? I am not following do you mean the line in from the sound card then one rca to the right channel of the card. If it would be a lot easier if I disconnected the card completely just used the computer's card I would go from the line out from comp. to right channel on rcvr. Then from line in to the meter leaving one rca to connect on both y's for the loopback correct?

nwf477 02-08-15 10:36 AM

Re: Help with set up please!

If you were to advise on a better sound card for REW what would you suggest I had no idea what REW was when I bought this card I just wanted better sound. If it would be easier to not even bother with the card that is fine with me I am not sure I heard any substantial improvement with the card anyway.

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