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Audiodreamer 01-11-16 10:16 PM

REW question

If I have a laptop with only one combo mic/headphone can I use splitter something like this to make all necessary connections?


Wayne A. Pflughaupt 01-12-16 04:59 AM

Re: REW question

Only if the computer has provisions to change the mic input to a line level input. As far as I know, there isn’t a mic that will plug directly into a computer that is suitable for use with REW.


Audiodreamer 01-12-16 07:16 AM

Ok! Got a little confused. Don't have laptop at the moment and am looking to get one.

I thought read something about having line out and a line in jacks. as long as I have a usb for mic and a headphone/mic jack I should be good. Dang these laptops are not really getting any cheaper. If I have to get one I should get a decent one. IDK

JohnM 01-12-16 01:16 PM

Re: REW question

If you are using a USB mic for input then you can use the headphone connector for output, whether it is a combo connector or headphone only.

Audiodreamer 01-12-16 09:46 PM

Re: REW question

Is there a difference in where one purchases a usb mic from?

JohnM 01-13-16 02:44 PM

Re: REW question

Only if you buy it from someone who does their own calibration (such as Cross Spectrum). If you are using the manufacturer's calibration then it makes no difference where you get the mic.

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