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EP2000 not so good

I recently acquired a pair of EP2000's. My intended use is to use one for my L/R, and other to run the sub i am building.

I've been running one of the amps for a few days now, and i have to say the sound quality is not what i expected. Granted i am coming from an EL34, and a few other reasonable integrated amps, i was still expecting better performance than what i am getting.

There's no issue with the power, you can hear and feel that there is a fair amount of power on offer, and i was kind of hoping that such effortless performance would bring with it some benefits.

Currently i am using unblalanced rca outputs from the receiver, into 1/4 plugs on the back of the amp. I'm wondering if perhaps this is not the best connection method?

I am tossing up the idea of buying the dac offered by Emotiva, as i currently only decode 2ch, and the in-built volume on the dac would mean i can do away with my receiver. It will also allow me to take advantage of the balanced inputs on the amps.

What have been other peoples experiences when driving hi fi speakers with the Behringer EP amps? What were your connection methods tried and any differences between them?

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Re: EP2000 not so good

Hard to say, and I can't say I've seen anyone using an EP for their mains, but perhaps the amp isn’t as clean as a good home amp is. But whatever the problem is, getting a balanced signal chain in front of the amp isn’t going to make a difference. Or at least it shouldn’t.

Personally I’ve always been a bit suspect of pro gear in my main-channels signal chain since I had a bad experience with a piece many years ago. It had great specs, but had audible deficiencies. I’ve seen others complain of certain pro processors being noisy or grainy. So, any piece of pro gear I consider putting my main-channels signal chain, I give it a more thorough scrutiny than I would normally give a piece of home gear, which can typically be relied on to be sonically clean. The best test: If you think the piece audibly degrades the sound quality, ditch it. If you’re set on using a pro amp for your mains, other people have reported good results with amps from Crown, QSC and Yamaha, to name a few.


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Re: EP2000 not so good

The EP2000 is not on the same footing as the EP4000, but you still should have plenty of headroom. I suspect your observations are based on volume matching issues. Unless you were using tubes before.

I use an xlr connection, but maybe a converter is warranted. RCA to balanced can be tricky.
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Re: EP2000 not so good


Noisy and grainy would definitely be two words i would use to describe the sound when playing back music.

Originally i was deciding between some of the Emo amps and the Behringer. I know there aren't exactly on a level playing field, after reading some negative comments towards the Behringer's, i thought i would see for myself if it was a system dependant issue.

My plan B, was / is, to use the Behringer's strictly for subwoofer duties should they not meet my expectations operating in full range, as i plan on adding a second subwoofer at some stage. Now that i've heard them for myself, the decision has been made for me.

I don't really see this as a bad thing, if the Behringer's worked out, i could have saved some money, if they didn't well i have further use for them doing other duties.
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Re: EP2000 not so good


I'm not having any issues with volume matching as i am using a pre-amp, in fact i find the volume pots a pleasure to use with their soft clicking allowing me to match the levels exactly.

I thought i would put the question forward about the 1/4 un-balanced vs XLR before i write them off as not being suitable. As the Emo gear i am looking into has XLR, it would allow me to use balanced cables throughout the entire system, but it seems that the differences between XLR and any other method won't be that great, if any.

I was using tubes before, however i'm not biased at this point to either valves or SS, i've had many good results in the past using SS amps.
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Re: EP2000 not so good

Just to follow up, while i was replying before it thought i'd try plugging the EP straight into the source, rather than running through the pre-amp.

I had some suspicions about the pre amp, it's just been a bit finicky. I was setting the EP's volume pots about half way, and the pre amp was turned to around 1/2 - 2/3 for reasonable output.

Plugging a CDP straight into the amp reveals just how much power is really on tap here. But besides that, the graininess from before is gone, i'm not talking night and day, more like dessert dust storm and secluded island beach.

Granted it's still not as musical as previous offerings, but it is more on par with what i was expecting from this amp, and should do the job for a while playing HT duties.

Now to find a pre amp that doesn't dirty up the signal, or determine why mine does.

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ep2000 , good

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