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nwf477 04-21-15 05:06 PM


First I am thrilled with my MartyCubes and the SI HT18D4 subs no complaints. The problem I have now is what if. Lately I have been thinking of upgrading not so much as far as rebuilding the enclosures for deeper bass ( mine can be heard around 16hz ) but adding more power. I know my current subs will not handle it but what I was thinking about doing is getting another 3000DSP and 2 Dayton Audio UM18-22. Each sub would be driven by its own amp. The sub would be wired in series and the amp set up for bridged mode. From what I have read the 3000DSP will deliver 2200watts. It just seems to me that what I have is close to 2200 ( amp is run in Dual Mono at 2 ohms per channel ) if I double the power the volume would have to improve. I am aware the 6000DSP is probably a better choice however if what I am thinking about doing is feasible then to save money the 3000DSP is a better choice 270 vs 370 ( of course hindsight is always 20/20 I should have bought the 6000 to begin with )
So does anyone think its worth it or should I just scrap the idea. An ideal solution provided I had the space would be larger enclosures but as it stands I have no more room.
Any comments?

fusseli 04-21-15 07:52 PM

Re: Wondering

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What are you after, more SPL or what? Is the amp clipping often forcing you to turn it down? Two SI 18s is a lot of sub already!

muzz 04-21-15 08:14 PM

Re: Wondering


If you are gonna mess around, build Mini's or full Martys and drop HST18's in them instead of messing with the Dayton.
That way you get Spl AND Extension with the new amp.
The footprint is no larger...just the height! ;)

That didn't take long bud! LOL :D

muzz 04-22-15 09:52 AM

Re: Wondering

Just joking Norm! :D

nwf477 04-22-15 01:22 PM

Re: Wondering

Sure you are my living room is 1794cu.ft it has my sofa love seat and chair as well as the coffee table my end tables are the M/C's. I need to do away with everything and just have full marty's w/ htc 18 stacked floor to ceiling so maybe 15-20 then power it all with a 1000dsp yeah.

muzz 04-23-15 09:53 AM

Re: Wondering

Don't forget the floor to ceiling bass traps in the corners! :D

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