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FOH 10-10-12 07:34 PM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC


pharoah wrote: (Post 554504)
thanks for your reply.:)

You're welcome.

One easy, quick, and relatively cheap step toward better sound, is relieving one's AVR output channels for at least two or all three LCR channels. One can buy an inexpensive pro type amp or two and use the remaining onboard channels for the surrounds. It's been quite well documented how an AVR struggles to maintain simultaneous output across all channels. All those amp channels can drain a single power supply in a heartbeat, and any step to alleviate those issues is a worthwhile one.


djdiaz 10-27-12 09:38 AM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC

I have a couple of questions for the fan modders here. First some info... I have an EP4000 in an open rack with plenty of airflow. I live at in the mountains at an altitude of 8500 feet, so cooling fans do not move as much air as they are rated for. I tried the quiet replacement fan from Digikey but it did not move enough air to keep the amp from getting too hot. Since then I’ve gone back to the OEM fan which does keep the EP4000 cool enough but is way too loud.

Could I go to a larger 24 volt, 120mm low rpm fan and mount it to the outside of the case with a fan adaptor? This would involve removing the OEM fan and fabricating a duct extension to keep the airflow efficient through the heat sinks.

Also, would the added current draw from the larger fan overload the circuit board that supplies the power to the fan?

I did think about the suggestion (from another thread) of stacking two 12 volt quiet fans but I don’t think you’d get more airflow than the fans are individually rated for and you might run into some turbulance issues.

Any thoughts would be appreciated since the EP4000 performs fantastically but way too loud. If I can’t find a solution I’ll need to replace the amp with something quieter and more expensive.:(

dougc 01-01-13 01:56 PM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC

The fan listed is out of stock, but Digi Key listed this as a replacement, which has lower db and more CFM. I ordered 2 of these for my EP4000s.

mrkazador 06-09-13 02:49 PM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC

I was thinking of doing this mod but my subs are setup to run in 2ohm stereo. I rarely listen to music very loud, mostly watching movies at -10. Does the EP4000 have any kind of thermal protection? I'm afraid of burning it up with a lower CFM fan...

I was looking at this fan

or this one

cburbs 08-14-13 09:07 PM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC

Is there a preference on which one to buy?

A/V 06-10-14 07:50 PM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC

Hey guys. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I have a question.

I am planning on doing the fan mod to my EP4000. Difference is, I live in Australia. Are the boards all the same requiring 24v fans, or do I need something else here in Oz? What are the parameters for the required fan?

johnplayerson 09-19-14 08:28 PM

Re: Behringer EP4000 - Pics - Fan Mod - ETC

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The behringer fan situation will be the same in Aussie Land. 24 volt fan runs off a 24 volt DC supply on the board. The power supply is actually exactly the same except the Transformer is wired in series for the higher voltage, but again nothing to do with the fans.

One overlooked method is to just slow down the fan and hence the noise with a Lm 2596 hooked up between the fan and the DC supply. Then you have a screw on the lm 2596 to adjust the voltage down closer to the starting voltage of the fan, and hence decrease noise and speed. Available from china for 5 bucks or less. Check ebay.

sga2 07-19-15 11:03 PM

I just replaced my EP4000 fan with the Digi-Key P14751-ND. Now I can barely hear it. Best $10 I ever spent.

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