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jackfish 01-18-07 05:55 PM

Vintage Stereo Gear

Ok, who is still seduced by vintage audio? There are quite a few followers of the 1970s classics. Double Large Advents anyone?

Otto 01-18-07 06:40 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

Well, I inherited my dad's Thorens turntable. Mom's gonna send it for my birthday, so I don't have it yet. Never been a vinyl guy, but looking forward to having some vintage around!

geekwithfamily 01-18-07 06:52 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

Wow, Otto, lucky turntable inheritance. I don't have any actual vintage gear, the closest I have is my Rogue Audio 99 Preamp, that has a "classic" tube sound according to reviews.

When I was a kid, my next door neighbor had an impressive system including a reel to reel tape machine.

rcarlton 01-18-07 07:33 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

Running a pair of McIntosh MC-250's and a MC-2100 downstairs. Upstairs I have a McIntosh MAC-1700 with valves a glowing running Cornwall's!

reed.hannebaum 01-18-07 09:37 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear


Only single large Advents, 1978 vintage. Had the speakers refoamed a couple of years ago. They still sound great!

akitaboy 01-18-07 09:56 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

I'm still using a Hafler DH200 power amp for my two channel setup. I assembled several of these in the late 1970's and I even used one as a PA amp, and it was plenty tough enough to take it. The last Bryston I used made me wonder a little if it's time to move on, but I just haven't been able to give up the Hafler yet. I received this particular Hafler as a Christmas gift from my son Pupton a couple of years ago. Seems he remembered me spending all that time soldering on the kitchen table when he was a kid, and I didn't even think he noticed.


F1 fan 01-18-07 10:09 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

I was given a classic McIntosh MC240 several years ago but I ended up selling it.

Sonnie 01-18-07 11:06 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

I had the MC250, MC2505, and MX115 in my system back in 96.


jackfish 01-19-07 01:10 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear

The old Marantz, Sansui and Pioneer receivers were something to behold. My vintage system includes:
Dual 1245 turntable with an Shure M97xE cartridge
Harman Kardon TD4400 CD Transcription cassette deck
AKAI AT-2600 tuner
Oppo DV-970HD non-vintage for a digital source with an AudioDigit Tubalizer tube buffer stage between the Oppo and the preamp
Harman Kardon Citation 11 preamp - reconditioned
Two Phase Linear 400 Series I power amplifiers - reconditioned
Two pair U4 Large Advent stacked, each pair driven by one of the above amps

The Large Advents are the "new" version and have been refoamed and had component upgrades to the crossovers.

reed.hannebaum 01-20-07 08:31 PM

Re: Vintage Stereo Gear


That sounds like a great vintage system. Show some pics if you have them. How do those stacked Advents sound? In the '70s I know they were the rage. When I bought my mine back then I could barely afford one pair let alone two. I also had a Pioneer SX-880 receiver (what a beauty that was) and a Technics SL-3350 turntable, and I thought I was in heaven. The receiver & turntable were lost in a divorce, but I still have the "new" Advents.

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