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Ares 07-14-10 04:25 AM

Sony in No Hurry to Enter Next Generation

Sony in No Hurry to Enter Next Generation
07/13/2010 Written by Steven Garcia


Back during the early years of the PS3, the notion that Sony should just pack up and join Sega in its quest to stay relevant as a software publisher was a common theme among industry analysts and anti-Sony fanboys alike. However, since then a lot has happened and with every success the PS3 experiences, the need for an even more successful successor grows. While it’s no secret Sony is hard at work trying to figure out what kind of crazy new features they can exploit for the next generation of consoles – like maybe actually turning a profit (we jest)–, it’s also quite clear that the strategy they chose for this gen has allowed them some flexibility in terms of how they’ll approach the next.

Speaking to Develop, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida candidly responded to a question regarding the next generation of consoles and when they can be expected, saying:
So, looking from the outside, it was Microsoft that released the first of this generation of consoles. Naturally, in my opinion, Microsoft will make the first move. Or, because Nintendo’s approach was not to upgrade much on its basic hardware – Wii doesn’t even support HD resolution – so they might be the first to move.
Probably the watch should be on these companies, in my opinion. Because PS3 was later than Xbox, and is more powerful, so it has a longer lifespan.

Given the 10-year lifespan mantra Sony’s been pushing since day one, and the amount of future proofing that went into the PS3’s design, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’ll enjoy more time on store shelves than its competitors. Still, when you root for one team as much as we do, it’s a little sad to see them arrive late to the party. Then again, considering what happened the last time Japan stuck first, perhaps it’s best to take things slow.

Source: PSLS

Moonfly 07-14-10 12:42 PM

Re: Sony in No Hurry to Enter Next Generation

You know, all this PS3 is more powerful stuff is old, there difference isnt enough IMO if there is any advantage. For me, the consoles problems have never been graphics anyway. It does make sense that M$ will move first, Sony cant afford to move again for a long time anyway, and now DX11 is on the move its actually worth an upgrade for the M$ system in a year or two. I think 2 years is the most likely target time, and the xbox slim will probably be the last xbox sku. If the PS3 is looking till last till 2015, then I htink it will struggle against a new xbox released in 2012 for 3 years, so I think its generation will be shorter lived than the ps2'S, but its still obvious Sony cant move forward anytime soon.

Ares 07-14-10 04:39 PM

Re: Sony in No Hurry to Enter Next Generation

Personally the power aspect of each console will be called into question every time either by the Devs, Sony, MS, Fanboys, and Forums so I will leave that to them to argue. Sony has setup the PS3 to be one of the most adaptive consoles up to this point IMO. We have a difference of opinion in order for MS to compete they will have to change a lot of key things for the next console:

1) Change their format from DVD's to Blu-ray or try to move gaming into the download only realm(which I think gamers will take issue with)

2) Make sure not to push a product that is not ready for Prime Time with hardware failures that exceed the industry's standard.

3) This last point is the most important one, to make sure their next console is flexible to adapt to new tech as much as possible.

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