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  1. Who is consistantly in the best films?

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Helen Hunt - she always is believable. Val Kilmer - plays like a leading man even if he's not. Curley Howard - never saw him in anything I didn't like torceador
  2. Using suspension mount

    REW Forum
    michael123, It's always a good idea to isolate a measurement microphone from the stand to prevent mechanically coupled noise from influencing the measurement. Whether it will make a 2-3dB difference, and whether it's worth spending 100 bucks is another story. torceador
  3. hello from Germany

    New Member Introductions
    Wilkommen Klaus, Glad you're on the Shack. I am a semi-retired engineer and spent several trips to Bruchsal, close to you. I was working with Siemens at the time, setting up test programs for manufacturing DSL modems, and also made many trips to their Munich facility. I love Germany and...
  4. More gain for Dish network to home theater

    System Setup and Connection
    vincec, One more thought. I seem to remember some kind of "+12dB" boost in the Elite's menu system. I can't remember if that can be assigned per input, but if you can, that would save you a LOT of grief. torceador
  5. More gain for Dish network to home theater

    System Setup and Connection
    vincec, What you want to do is simple. You are just wanting to boost a line level that is low back up to something that will drive your A/V input with similar gain to your Blu-Ray, hopefully without adding too much of its own noise. The unfortunate fact, is that there are not a lot of...
  6. More gain for Dish network to home theater

    System Setup and Connection
    vincec, Dish Network seems to do all its engineering for its sponsors and licensors. Yes, their program audio is encoded extremely low. And yes, they have their commercials 10-20dB over program material on almost every channel. It is almost impossible to watch their programming late at...
  7. The Dual (AVFoundry and DVDO) Video Processor Giveaway Qualification Thread!

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I meed the qualification criteria and would appreciate being entered. Thanks, torceador
  8. Can SB Live 24bit external work with Windows 7?

    REW Forum
    Try looking here to see if their beta driver can work for you: http://support.creative.com/kb/showarticle.aspx?sid=61105
  9. Building a Stage for a Music Hall

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Honda14, Will this stage have dancers on it, or just musical performances? (That makes a difference on what you surface it with) Do you need any moveable units on it? (like a drum riser) How tall, deep, wide will it be? What are the overall room dimensions? What type floor (concrete...
  10. Rew with Tascam US-144mkII Problem?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    redliner, I haven't had that message merely installing drivers, but I have had it come up installing Cakewalk Sonar. If the PC is your personal one, try right clicking the install icon and selecting 'Run as .. Administrator' from the list. (You would need to know the administrator password)...
  11. Home Theater Shack has MOVED! Win an Apple TV!

    Forum Announcements | News
    I would like a shot at winning the Apple TV... I have more than 10 posts in the forum and would like to be entered in the drawing. torceador
  12. Has Surround Sound Been Forgotten?

    Audio Processing
    Sir Terrence, You have provided a good set of valid responses to my comments. I think both of us have not directed anything towards the actual sound artists. Most are creative and skilled and we would love to spend a day watching them at their console. It really does condense down to time...
  13. Has Surround Sound Been Forgotten?

    Audio Processing
    Here's hopefully a little explanation..... If the actors delivered their lines in a scene faultlessly without breaks and cameras could switch from face to face without being detected, THEN ambient microphones could catch all the detail that could re-create a soundscape that was immersed in...
  14. recommended MIDI interface cables?

    REW Forum
    If you just want a single channel MIDI I/O, for setting EQs, or using a MIDI sequencer with no more than 16 tracks and no horrendous amount of note events, this http://www.amazon.com/Cable-Converter-Music-Keyboard-Window/dp/B0017H4EBG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1289420826&sr=8-1 at Amazon has...
  15. Laser technology

    AV Home Theater
    Sonnie, The laser itself doesn't decode anything. It is a source of coherent (all traveling the same way) light that can be focused onto a very small dot onto the medium, where there are either shiny spots or pits. So one reflects, the other doesn't. If you look at a laser tray for a CD...
  16. Speaker Impedance Wiring and Crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    Blenton, Sorry, but one thing I meant to tell you and forgot. When you ask about what you can do with the speaker components you have and how they could be assembled, make sure and state where you bought them, and what part number. If any Thiele-Small (T/S) parameters have been supplied...
  17. Speaker Impedance Wiring and Crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    Blenton, Wow, for not really studying electronics, to mention a Zobel network (also look up Boucherot cell on the same topic), you show a desire to go deeper. A Zobel network is indeed to match impedance, (used a lot by the phone companies) but with everything in speaker building, there are...
  18. Mics for acoustic instruments in live use

    Pro Audio
    goyop, No, I did not address your comment about SM mics being used as hammers. I've seen both intentional and unintentional abuse of all kinds of equipment, and have dealt with it as I came along. I have had many SMs take long drops (or angry throws) to the cement and keep working...
  19. Speaker Impedance Wiring and Crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    Blenton, Where do I begin to help you? First off, if you measure with an ohmmeter, you are measuring resistance (also known as DC resistance, or DCR). You are right on one point. if you place two eight ohms in parallel, it's 4 ohms. Two eight ohms in series is 16. Now it happens that...
  20. The first album you purchased was?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    My first record I ever bought with my allowance was 'Stereo Dynamics to Scare the Hell out of your Neighbors'. I bought it for the cool cover, and boy, was I disappointed when I spun it. The woman on the Star Trek theme was scarier. After I grew up a little, the first album I bought with...
1-20 of 62 Results