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  1. UHD SDR calibration?

    Video Calibration
    My issue with using hcfr to generate the patterns is my video card send to be messing with the levels... There is a setting for that in hcfr but it didn't seem to change anything... At any rate, Netflix offers a test pattern but it's not as detailed as I like to work from... But I think my buddy...
  2. UHD SDR calibration?

    Video Calibration
    Thanks for the response... Yes, I've done a few calibrations before... yes, I use hcfr, even built one of their colorimeters, even though I don't use it due to the profiling... In the old days we had to Cal different res separately ... I guess maybe my memory is shot and that was more an analog...
  3. UHD SDR calibration?

    Video Calibration
    Hi all... Been gone a while... Hope all is well... I'm familiar with video calibration at 1080... A friend has asked me to do a new set, 4k, and I figured I'd just get the latest test patterns and go, but it seems technology has passed me by... I've been reading up, but it seems I'm missing...
  4. Lab space

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Might give that a try. But I'll have to figure out how to make it work with all the goes-intos and goes-outas for that... Do they have any prepped solutions for making self standing panels out of that? (I've been looking but can't find so far myself)
  5. Lab space

    Home Audio Acoustics
    So... to reduce the sound inside the lab, the barrier would effectively need to be almost wrapped around the machinery in question?
  6. Lab space

    Home Audio Acoustics
    For the barrier... you prefer the product you linked to over a floor-standing version of GIKs panels? Reason I ask is whatever we put up as a barrier has to leave space for hoses cables, vents to go into and out of the machinery, as well as being easy to move/remove for regular maintenance...
  7. Lab space

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi Bryan... thanks for the reply... While I'm aware that treating the walls won't alter the "initial SPL" as you say, the question more geared towards, will it reduce the reading on the SPL meter, which I assume is a combination of the initial, or direct sound, and the reflected sounds...
  8. Lab space

    Home Audio Acoustics
    This may be unusual for this forum, but here it goes... I have a laboratory space in our just-moved-into building at work where there is some equipment that vibrates our products for lifetime testing... in our old building we never measured SPLs above 80dB for more than 2 secs at a time... In...
  9. Calibration experience and questions

    Video Calibration
    Hi all- So this is a followup to my thread on my dad's Sharp ACquos 42HDS69 which I went over and adjusted for him... (I call it a basic calibration, but I know that can be a controversial term for what I did)... What I did was use a cal disk in his BD player (the Panny 210 which I bought him...
  10. Sharp Acquos LC37D47U

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    So... long time no update... but now's when I have the time... ;-) I got Dad up and running fairly well... did a basic cal for him, and he's pretty happy. At the end of the day I elected not to mess in the service menu since I couldn't make heads or tails of the manual, and he's not as picky...
  11. 42HDS69 Doesn't power on

    Hi all- I have a friend who has the 42HDS69... I haven't witnessed it myself (yet) but he says whether he uses the remote or hits the button, the unit won't power on, the LED stays red, no blinking. I've located the service manual, trying to get him to buy it. Anyone with experience with such...
  12. Greg's Stuff

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    So... currently in use is... TV: Pioneer Elite PRO101FD AVR: Sony STR-DB940 BluRay: Panasonic DMP-BD60 Speakers: FL, FR: Klipsch RF3 SL, SR: Pioneer S-700X CD: Sony CDP-CX300 Wii: for gaming and NetFlix streaming Cable: Scientific Atlanta 8300HD Soon (hopefully) to be added back to...
  13. Sharp Acquos LC37D47U

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    So... I finally got around to buying the manual... (in the meantime Dad's happy as a clam since I convinced him to ditch the RF connection stream he'd been using through the VCR etc...) At first glance it seems very comprehensive, at least as compared to my needs... Then I get surprised...
  14. Sharp Acquos LC37D47U

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Re: Sharp Acquos LC32D47U As for the yellow pixel, I don't think so... haven't seen the set yet myself, but I didn't see anything in the manual regarding "quattron"... As for not finding anything, that would be because of my fat fingers.... try LC32D47U
  15. Sharp Acquos LC37D47U

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Sharp Acquos LC32D47U Hi Guys- My dad was just given one of these sets (from 2009?), and since I confiscated his colorimeter a few years ago he expects me to come by and calibrate it for him. After downloading and and perusing the user manual, I see there are a few different WB presets, but...
  16. First REW Measurment - REW is great

    REW Forum
    Thanks! That's back when he was a kitten... him and his brother both... they're over 2 now...
  17. American Idol 2011 – Official Discussion Thread

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    That does it! I don't know how far back I'll go, but I've GOT to start watching... Now you've done it...
  18. Measuring and interpreting impulse response and ETC

    REW Forum
    One thing to note, as I just re-read your first post... When you say it sounds harsh, especially at high volume levels... that can sometimes be caused by driving your amp into clipping, which is bad for your speakers as well as the sound...
  19. American Idol 2011 – Official Discussion Thread

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    If you're not careful, you're going to draw me in.... My Tivo has every show and I could go back and start right from the very first audition... :devil:
  20. Hello From Rolla MO

    New Member Introductions
    That Klipsch system does have some drawbacks, but that's the tradeoff of getting to that price point. but noone can really advise you on whether your ears will hear that, especially with dorm-room acoustics.
1-20 of 434 Results