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  1. digi 002 osx 10.6.8

    hi, i can't find my digidesign rack in rew preferences? someone has same issue?
  2. digidesign 002

    hi there, someone tried 5.1 osx with digi 002?
  3. Digi 002 Input issue

    REW Forum
    Hi all, My first time posting. I just downloaded the software and am very excited about the possibilities. I'm having using with the input. I'm using windows and a digi 002 for my "sound card". When trying to calibrate, I am able to get the output working, but can't seem to get any input. Not...
  4. Using REW with Digi 002 or Pro Tools?

    REW Forum
    Does anyone know how I can set up the software/hardware to run this way? I have a recording studio and use Digi 002 with pro tools. The Digi 002 can also operate in stand-alone mode and because I have my monitor speakers hooked up to it, I'd like to NOT use my computer's sound card unless it's...