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  1. Is 1000$ for pre-wiring on a 5.1 for a new home worth it?

    AV Home Theater
    Hello.. Builder is charging 1000$ for pre-wiring of a 5.1 system... How much would a DIY cost? Considering it is a new house, is there value in paying a little extra to get it done by the builder? Thanks for your advice
  2. 1000$ Movie/Gaming projector

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello guys, I'm new in thise sphere of life, so I read a lot about home cinema. Now i think that I'm ready to find help here, because I'm more likely to understend tou guys after I prepared for this thread. I already ordered Celexon Motor Professional 290x163 screen white coloured. Distance...
  3. 1000$ For 5.1 Speaker System?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I've only ever purchased cheap Polk speakers before (Monitor 70's) and have only done research on cheap speakers. My brother just recently got a job and wants to throw 1000 on a 5.1 set up. Hes more into movies so towers with built in subs may be a better choice for the added bass. I budgeted...