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  1. above 100Hz down 8-10dB?

    REW Forum
    I've got my low frequency area pretty good. I'm using the BFD and Audyssey afterwards. However, above 100Hz the level is down 8-10dB. Audyssey is setting the trims in the receiver so I don't understand why it would be down. Any ideas or solutions to fix this? The crossover is set to 80Hz. The...
  2. Low frequency absorption in a closet/pantry

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I have been researching how to reduce my decay time of the low frequencies( 100hz down to 30hz) in my room. I know these frequencies are VERY hard to tame because of size and all that. I have read master handbook of acoustics etc etc, plenty of mfg's education articles and videos, but...
  3. Filters only above 100hz

    REW Forum
    Hi, I am trying to Equalize my IB sub and I am doing everything (I think) according to the guide but when I get to the point of "Assign Filters" the software only generates filters above 100hz. I am using a mac and I can: Set the measurement level successfully, I can calibrate successfully, I...
  4. Data (correction values) beyond 100Hz?

    REW Forum
    Re: Radio Shack SPL Meter Correction Values (All new *.cal files are published!)... Is there any data (correction values) beyond 100Hz? Like up to 20KHz? I just bought an FBQ2496 for my sub and thought I'd use the unused half for my center channel speaker. I hate to waste half of a perfectly...