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  1. General Screen Discussion
    Don't notice to much of the texture 135 size image and we watch from about 12 feet back you only notice from right couch as it sits perpendicular to us and the image and is about 5 feet from the screen lol.. Again we sit mostly in front of and at 12.. Wall is a beige color.. Wife would like me...
  2. Home Theater Projectors
    1 in living room 1 in bedroom.. I like this projector allot and the benq brand itself.. My wish list would be brighter darker blacks and bigger screen for the distances I have Living room is 135 at 11.3 feet I like it dark wife likes it more open Bedroom 100 at as far back as it can go always...
  3. Manufactured Screens
    Some ambient light but not to much currently projecting on an off white wall and blacks could be better.. not sure if I should go with a grey or white background with this projector. . Anyone else have this projector and what screen you are using?
1-3 of 3 Results