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  1. Basic Native 1080p projector selection help!

    Home Theater Projectors
    My thrifted Optima HD70 just died and I am in need of a new projector! I am not looking for anything fancy, just 1080p and bright. Most of these are 3000 lumens and all are 1080p, much better than the old Optima’s 720p, 1000 lumens. I have narrowed it down to two projectors from three brands...
  2. Sony Officially Unveils Its New VPL-HW45ES 1080p Projector in the US Market

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    4K video and its accompanying technologies are certainly red-hot at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that an old standby – Full HD – can’t still dazzle the eyes with insanely good image quality. Pair that fact with the cost savings of an older tech, and it's easy to see why 1080p projector and...
  3. Best 1080p HDTV Presently Available

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    Hoping to replace current 46" Sony KDL-HX750 with a 55" 1080p HDTV. Not interested in investing in Ultra 4K because of the need for a new AVR, cables, etc.. When Ultra 4K becomes mainstream I will go for quality not low end. Since that is some time away I choose to stay with 1080p. Please...
  4. Recommendations for 1080P LED greater than 60 inches LED TV

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    Hi guys, A family member of mine wants to get a 1080p LED TV. What is the best one (brand/model) to get. Anything above 60 inches or higher. Any recommendations? No 4K TV and no curved TV. thanks.
  5. Optima EH320UST 1080P Projector

    Home Theater Projectors
    Wanted some opinions about this Ultra Short Throw projector. The Optima EH320UST 1080P Projector is fairly new. I haven't seen any reviews on this yet. I have a small home theater 11'x18'. No outlet on the ceiling or cables running up. (Other option would be to add the outlet and run an HDMI...
  6. Need suggestion on 1080p projector

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi I am looking for my bedroom use a 1080p Projector. Budget is around $1,200 to $1,300. Please suggest the best model with best picture quality overall. I'm not concerned about the jargons. Just total movie experience. Or else I may fatefully end up with some Sony or LG. :-))
  7. 720p vs. 1080p?

    Home Theater Projectors
    My current projector is a Panasonic PTAX-100U, 8 years old, 950 hours TT. This is a 720p model. It is used in a dedicated theater, 155" diagonal screen, with a throw distance of 22'. It has plenty of light output, even with some ambient lighting on during NFL games. How much improvement in PQ...
  8. Ryse: Son of Rome runs at 1080p, new gameplay videos show executions

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    Ryse: Son of Rome runs at 1080p, new gameplay videos show executions Ryse: Son of Rome has been confirmed as running at 1080p on Xbox One, and the game has received three new clips showing off a some violent execution moves. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg confirmed the the...
  9. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Official Thread

    Home Theater Projectors
    Full HD 1080p 2D and 3D 1080p Performance at a Remarkable Value Discover bright cinematic adventures at home with the Home Cinema 2030. Enjoy Full HD 1080p performance practically anywhere, in 2D or 3D. Images are always rich and brilliant with 2000 lumens of color brightness1 and 2000 lumens...
  10. Difference between 1080p and WXGA

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hiya people, This is my first post, so please feel free to move it t the appropriate forum. I currently use my DLP projector for flight simulation. I have an Optoma EW605ST short throw which i display at its native WXGA resolution. I view the projected image from 5 feet away from the screen...
  11. MadVR - Upscaling important with 1080p source?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I’ve been using using MPC-HC + LAV + MadVR for some time and recently decided to get it running as best as possible. I’d like to use Jinc in MadVR for my upscaling but wondering how important this is when I only have 1080p movies playing (obviously) in 1080p. Sure there’s a little filtering...
  12. Sony Qualia 004 vs new 1080p projectors

    Home Theater Projectors
    My Sony Qualia will need its lamp replaced soon. I have been trying to decide on whether I want to spend $800 on a new lamp or purchase a new projector for under $3k. I know that most current projectors in that price range will likely have better black levels and contrast ratio, but how would a...
  13. Re-Post:Optoma HD20 won't display 1080P only 1080i

    Home Theater Projectors
    During my total fustration :scratch: I had posted this already stating I had issues with a Optoma HD30 (not :duh:) when in fact I have an HD20, I appoligize for the error. Output and setup is through a Sony BX18 BluRay Player. I set the Sony BluRay Player to 1080p and the screen was 90% noise...
  14. Optoma HD30 won't play 1080p only 1080i ?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have a Optoma HD30 projector that I just installed in my Home Theater, Sony 520 HDMI Receiver, Sony BX18 BluRay Player. Once I got everything plugged in and triple checked everything I powered it all up and tried to setup the Sony BluRay player but the screen was 90% noise and just barely able...
  15. Playing downloaded 1080p video with Lossless audio

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    Ok so here my dilemma, I want to play some HD trailers I downloaded off the net on my panasonic Bluray player however once I put them on a BluRay disc I am only getting 2 channels of audio. And I am posotive that they are TruHD 5.1 or DTS MA 5.1 I have tried several different programs to get...
  16. Epson 1080p HDMI problem

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi, I have a problem I am hoping someone can help me with. I have the following equipment... Denon 3806 Sony PS3 Scientific Antlanta 8240HDC cable box Epson 1080 (first model 1080p made by Epson) Samsumg 32" flat panel XBox 360 (normally not in system but tried) Monoprice MPSP08 Monoprice HDMI...
  17. SD DTV to 1080p set: outboard converter make for improvement?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Purchased a Samsung 32" 1080p LED/lcd several days back, and hooked her to our DirecTV SD receiver model R16-300, using the Composite cable: I'm underwhelmed. Actually, after a few days of use and adjustment, things are looking better, but still - it's a long way from the picture I get from my...
  18. BenQ unveils two 1080p 3D projectors at CES

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    BenQ's New W1070 and W1080ST Projectors Reshape Home Entertainment Company's Full HD 1080p 3D Projectors Offer Consumers Brilliant Balance of Value and Performance LAS VEGAS - 2013 International CES - Jan. 7, 2013 - BenQ America Corp. today strengthened its leadership position in the home...
  19. Yes, Virginia, There is Netflix 1080p Streaming Video

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  20. Sony XBR-84X900 4K LCD HDTV : 1080p? Pfff…4K Is Like Being There

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