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  1. All About 10dB Sub Boost

    Audio Processing
    The title of my thread is really the opposite of what I know. Well, almost. I think I know it's common practice to run subs 10dB hotter than the mains because it's a movie industry standard (or maybe only THX). :dontknow: Please pardon any repeats and please throw me a link if appropriate...
  2. Help! my room have a sweet spot -10db difference

    REW Forum
    Ok, I hope there is someone out there that want to help a beginner. I have the UMICK-1 for the measurements, and I have a (5 meter x 4 meter ?) room. I had (as on picture) 2x 12" sub that is not replaced with another SVS 13 ULTRA. was not happy with the sound from my SVS, so I got one more...
  3. left main speaker 10db low

    Two Channel Audio
    I have a weird problem here. I have Martinlogan Electromotion mains. When I run them in any mode other than stereo direct analog or pcm they are fine. When place in stereodirect the left one is 10 db lower. It does not do this when I run multi channel direct. I have swapped all cables around...
  4. S/C measurement varies by 10dB

    REW Forum
    Hi. I'm having problems at nearly the first hurdle using the REW v5.01 beta 7 2299 I am using an ASUS xonar 1.3 deluxe sc. This I have the L & R phono outputs connected to the Line in using an 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 Phono Interconnect. I have set the levels to match the -12dB fs. I then carry...
  5. Pioneer dv-58av LFE is 10dB too high when playing multichannel SACDs through an Onkyo 905 receiver?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a calibrated (audyssey and roomeq for double checking levels) Onkyo 905 receiver that seems to play the LFE 10dB too high when using a 58av as a source. This seems most noticeable when I play multichannel SACDs and happens when I use DSD over HDMI or the 5.1 analog connections. Both DSD...
  6. Difference between +4db vs -10db input level

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I've read in the setup guide that it is highly recommended to use the -10dB (home) input level on the BFD instead of the +4 dB setting (studio). When I first set up REW/BFD months ago I accidentally had the switch in the +4 dB setting and didn't realize it until well after I was done...
  7. Please help me with my 20dB+ peak and 10dB dip!

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have managed to measure the frequency response of my PB12+/2 using REW and in my room, the response is pretty bad with a very strong bias towards the low end of the spectrum (20hz to 45hz) and I have quite a big dip at 53hz - cross-over is set at 80hz. My rectangle-shaped room is pretty...