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  1. Opinions Wanted Fixed Frame Screen - 110" High Contrast Grey

    Manufactured Screens
    So projector arrives today :D and I am going to start playing with screen size, I'm leaning towards 110" I think I can get that with my throw distance, but here is my predicament, I really like the elite ez frame but they do not make for whatever reason it in 110 HCG :foottap:, I can get 106 but...
  2. 110", small room. Easy screen?

    DIY Screens
    I'll be painting the room a slightly darker color, but in the past theres been so much splashback from the screen that it washed the image pretty badly. I'm running an Optoma HD70 at 12' in a 14X16 room. White cieling, light carpet and a black area rug under the screen. Its been forever since...
  3. SOLD: Carada 110" 16:9 Projection Screen

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
  4. Draper gray 110" screen for sale

    Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    I have a draper 110" gray screen. It is a pull down screen but is to big for the house i am in now. Here is the craigslist ad i put up but shacksters get first dibbs. Feel free to call the # is on the ad. I will ship it but would rather have it for pick-up. I live in martinez ca. I will ship it...
  5. 110" screen with BOC?

    DIY Screens
    Hey everyone, i am new to these forums. I have just started to wade into the front projection world. I am going to go get a panasonic ae3000, and i wanted a 110" diagonal screen. My room is completely light controlled. I think i wanna build the screen myself to save some money. 1.If i by the...