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  1. Audio Processing
    I've heard of bypassing an iPod's internal DAC via its 30pin connector, but have yet to learn how modern iPhones can be coerced to give up that same ghost. A quick Internet search yielded a few tidbits, but I'm still unclear whether or not the audio available at the lightning port bypasses an...
  2. Great Deals and Specials
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  3. Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Re: post count before attatchments aloud? This thread was an inspiration and I thank you very much Rodny. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/diy-subwoofers-general-discussion/7048-ib-makeover.html I used REW for the first time 2 days ago, I am still getting the hang of it, but here is...
  4. Pro Audio
    With AES 2010 coming up next month, I came across this EBU recommendation R 128. The title of an overview document, www.tech.ebu.ch/docs/techreview/trev_2010-Q3_loudness_Camerer.pdf , given in the subject title of this post about says it all. It uses a K-weighted metering with 3 parameters...
1-4 of 4 Results