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  1. 12v relay controlled outlet

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    I want to be able to power on my DIY power amp via the 12v control on my Yamaha CXA5100 preamp...does anyone know of a device i could plug into a outlet, and the plug the amp into it that would turn the amp on and off? I have Insteon outdoor outlets, but they control via the powerline.
  2. Cable for 12v Trigger Switch

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    I have an amp separate from my home theater receiver that runs the left and right main speakers. It can be powered on by a 12v trigger. I once had it set up this way but I lost the cable. Question: I thought I remember the cable being a simple, one wire cable connected by rudimentary jacks...
  3. DIY 12V Remote Trigger for Onkyo Receiver

    System Setup and Connection
    DIY 5V USB to 12V Remote Trigger This can be used for anything that needs a trigger such as electric screen, projector etc... Also you don't have to use a 12V power supply. Since you're switching the PS on/off with the relay you can use any voltage the relay will handle. In fact it will also...
  4. new projector has no 12v out, help!

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    i've been a bit silly but replacing my Sim2 Domino projector which died, with an optoma HD25E, just realised the new projector has no 12V out to power the screen, which used to come down/up when the old Sim2 was on/off. Do I have any option or other way to get the 12v power back to start the...
  5. 12v trigger issue

    System Setup and Connection
    So I've finally moved into my new place and I'm getting around to setting up the new pre/pro but I'm having some issues with the 12v trigger and a Panamax power center. I'm using 3.5mm mono audio patch cable between the AV7701 (trigger out) to the Panamax 5300 (trigger in). Problem is the...
  6. 12v Trigger Box for Powering On Pro Audio Amps

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I scrapped the last heat sinks because they are in-adequate. One must use a wide extrusion type heat sink if not using any forced air cooling (otherwise known as forced convection cooling) New to me and maybe new to you. ? . Here is the modified material list- Omron 20 amp relay- Mouser...
  7. 12v trigger for your electronic screen

    Home Theater Projectors
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to hook an aftermarket 11v trigger to an epson 3020 projector. I'm new to the home theatre seen I bought the projector then realized it did not have a 12v trigger. The place I bought my screen online sent my a trigger but no instructions on how to hook it to...
  8. Onkyo 818 and 12V trigger and audyssey

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    I use the 12 volt trigger to turn on and off all my amps...but when I try and run the audyssey it shuts off the 12v trigger and ( amps are not on) so no sound....has any one found a way around this trigger issue
  9. 2x4 Balanced MiniDSP 12v: input voltage too high

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I just had a chance to test out the power supply I bought for my new Balanced MiniDSP 2x4. The charger is supposed to be a 12v DC converter but it is outputting 16.6v according to my volt meter. Will this be ok to hook up the the MiniDSP or shall i go and try to source another converter? Here...
  10. Niles CS12V Remote 12v Trigger w/delay

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a Niles CS12V current sending remote trigger. It senses when a receiver, preamp, etc. is powered on and provides a solid 12v trigger for your amp, etc. It is very robust, fully shielded steel case and has an adjustable trigger delay. Niles makes pro grade AV equipment &...
  11. 12V Trigger Add On

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    I have a pair if Behringer EP4000 amps and I want to control the power on using a 12v trigger. I saw this post here that talks about using a relay on the power side. I was thinking about modifying the switch with the addition of a 12v relay. Does anyone have any opinions as to why this would...
  12. Relay for 120v input on amps, use with 12v trigger

    System Setup and Connection
    Looking for a relay to turn my amps on (no internal relay) with a 12v trigger. I'm begining to think I'll need to use 2 relays, a 12v coil low amp to then trigger a larger 120v coil and the mains power. Would be nice to get this done with a single relay. Anyone built something like this?
  13. 12v trigger output / input technical

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    I dont have any equipment with 12v trigger outputs or inputs yet, but I am building a mains distribution unit in the "hydra" style, and was thinking of building in 12v triggering so that all the units connected to the unit can be powered up and down together. I am thinking of using relays to...
  14. how to use pc power supply for 12v

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    what and how can i use a pc power supply to provide 12v for a car amp.... must be a couple wires you can jumper on the main atx plug to get it to turn on... then is the hard drive cables red just 12v?? should i cut them and splice them all into one??
  15. Need help using 12v trigger from projector to screen

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello all. I couldn't really find the answer I was looking for so I started this. I have an Optoma HD65 projector and an Elite Silvermax screen and I was wanting to connect the two by 12v trigger so the screen would be 'triggered' when the projector was turned on/off. The projector's trigger is...
  16. 12V Trigger for PJ and Screen

    AV Home Theater
    Ok.. this didn't seem to fit under PJ Topic area or Screen topic area exclusively... so here goes. Equipment: Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1080 UB & Elite Cinenatension 2 106" diag. Options for controlling screen are via IR/RF or via 12V trigger (as in projector trigger out). I have only dug...
  17. Recommendations for 12V triggered power strip

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    Hi there, I'm looking for an outlet or powerstrip that accepts a 12V trigger. I want to switch my class A rear channel amp only when viewing movies -- it just runs so hot even with no input signal. So what's a cheap device that will do this for me. I can build one on my own, but I'm short...
  18. Adapter to convert 120v to 12v

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    Hello all. Does anyone know where I can get an adaptor that converts 120V (AC) to 12v (DC)? I have an older sony car receiver, amps and speakers that I want to install in my shed for music. I want to install it similar to how Best Buys and Circuit City install their receivers, amps and speakers...
  19. 12V Trigger AC Outlet

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I'm sure there are others who are dealing with the same issue. But I didn't want the EP2500 and DCX2496 on all the time. They don't have triggers on them, so there's no simple way to just make them turn on and off with your receiver or processor. But if you're like me and don't want them to be...
  20. 12V Trigger specifications/standards

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    Hi, I am in the process of modifying an amplifier that does not have a 12V trigger input. I am trying to decide if I can run the relay directly from the 12V trigger or do I need to add a small power supply in the amp to run the standby mode and drive the relay? I can not find any documentation...