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  1. FS: SVS 16-46PC+ Subwoofer (2)

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I've got two SVS 16-46PC+ subwoofers for sale. A little over a year old. Upgraded to new Plus 12.3 drivers. Excellent condition. Original boxes, cables, etc. Only one user manual for the two though. Asking $625 + shipping for each. Local pickup also available. I'm in San Jose, CA. I'll accept...
  2. SVS 16-46PC Plus

    Just a few comments on my experiences so far for the forum. I have recently installed a new SVS 16-46PC+ to my 2 channel stereo system here. My music only system consists of the following: NAD C162 Preamp NAD C272 power amp A pair of JBL L-300 Summit Loudspeakers I think I have dragged this...
  3. Review: SVS 16-46PC+

    I have a pair of SVS 16-46PC+ subwoofers. These two replaced a single Velodyne SPL-1200II subwoofer. The Velodyne is going upstairs into the video game setup to be coupled with a pair of Castle Avon speakers. The two 16-46PC+ subwoofers are together in the same price range as the single...
  4. FBQ2496 + Dual SVS 16-46PC+

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Unfortunately, the FBQ2496 doesn't go below 20Hz. The attached graphic shows the top purple line being my original frequency response, in 1Hz increments, and the bottom purple line the adjusted frequency response. The dips at 28Hz, 33Hz, and 78Hz are due to the room (judging by the room mode...