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  1. Recommendation for subwoofer Upgrade $1,500 - $2000 Budget

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Looking to upgrade my RSL Speedwoofer 10. It blends well with the RSL speakers but I feel that there is more bass to be had for my movie watching nights. Room size is 16'x15'x8', open door way is 3 feet, room is on the second floor and system is used 100% for Home Theater. My budget is around...
  2. Best pre/pro under $2000 ( not avr )

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    With a max budget of $2000, what would be the best replacement/upgrade for my Anthem MRX-300. ( The anthem sounds fine as is, hooked up to my 5 channel Wyred 4 Sound MMC amplifier.) I use the system for mostly blu's. Would it be worthwhile to do the upgrade, or just hold on to the Anthem...
  3. The Theater Bug Has Spread. What Would You Do With $2000?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I've been incognito for a while but I'm back again... So a friend of mine stops by my house last night. I talk to him but he hasnt been over my house in some time. He took one look at my system and wants me to set up something for him. So now I have a $2000 budget for an entry level system (I...
  4. Looking for a 5.1 setup for $2000 ASAP

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    A friend of mine is looking for a 5.1 setup for their living room and asked for my assistance. They want speakers that are small, could be mounted on the wall and if possible wireless (wireless is not required though). The budget is $2000 for just the speakers. They will be going with a receiver...
  5. home theatre recommendation

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    home theatre recommendation $2000 Hi all I am a new member here and wanted some help from the experts. I have a room of size 15 X 10 approx and have Vitrified flooring & a wooden bed with a 6x6 & 1ft deep matress over it in the centre. The opposite wall has a samsung 55" 8500 LED TV with no...
  6. Best projector for around $2000

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Here's my setup so far: Emotiva xpa-5 Emotiva UMC-1 120 inch white custom screen from Jamestown woodworks Klipsch RF-7, RC-7, RS-7 15" and 12" velodyne subs room = 13' wide and 20' long stadium style seating I need a projector to match this setup. I'm thinking around $2000 but I can be...
  7. Need suggestions for home theatre around $2000 with specific requirements.

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello Experts: I am a total newbie and looking to put together a basic plus HT for my new home. Here are my specific requirements. Right now, I dont have anything ( no tv, no blue ray etc) 1. within $2000 ( tv not counted in this amount) 2. room dimension 14x15 3. have two step seating (just...
  8. Best projector for around $2000?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Can anyone tell me what projector would be best for around $2000?
  9. Klipsch Icon W, KF-28, RF's, or ? for $2000

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am curious as to how these speakers rate for their price. I am looking at the Klipsch wf-35 icon w series for my fronts a wc-24 icon w series for the center 2 pair of of ws-24 icon w series surround speakers and the RW-12d subwoofer which is part of the package on newegg with a ONKYO TX-NR609...
  10. Best projector under $2000

    Home Theater Projectors
    What is the best mobile projector for under $2000?
  11. Ceiling 6.0 Speaker Setup + 1.1 In-Wall (Possibly 7.0 + Regular 0.1) ~ $2000

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Alright, so I have a bit of a challenge for you guys. I hardly know anything about speakers that go in the ceiling but after much argument, this is what my parents said they want in their living room because they want nothing on the floors. They drilled the holes in the places I told them and...
  12. Need some advise....very confused, $2000 budget

    Home Theater Projectors
    I am currently getting my basement renovated and am in the process of purchasing my 1st projector and screen. The more research I do, the more confused I am getting. Hoping to get some good recommendations here. Where I am putting my screen...the wall is 15 ft. wide and the ceiling is 9ft...
  13. please help total newbie spend $2000

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi, just wanted to ask the usual newbie question. I would like to get set up. I will have $2000 to spend and I'm starting from scratch. I want to watch DVD's and cable TV and listen to music. Maybe get a Satellite connection too. I also want to connect a computer. All suggestions are...
  14. Is $2000 the sweet spot for a projector?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I guess my question is what can $1000 get you? Am I wasting my money at that price point? What are some of the key features and qualities I can expect between the two? Thanks Greg