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  1. SVS PC-Ultra or 20-39 PC-Plus?

    I am in coinsidering both these fine subs but am not sure if I should spend teh extra $400 for the Ultra. I realize that there is a lot of info availbale on both; but has anyone been able to hear them side by side? Thoughts? Thanks, E
  2. Fs/svs 20-39 Pci Sub

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    http://www.svsound.com/products-sub-cyl-pcpow.cfm You can go to the above link and read about it. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, sorry! Paypal or cash when you pick it up. Works perfect, i'm just upgrading. It's handled everyhing i've given it and never one problem. It's around 2 years old. I can't find...
  3. two PC-Plus 20-39 vs PC13-Ultra.

    My first post. I allready have a PB12-Plus/2 (12.2 drivers). Because off a serieus placement problem, i'm thinking to buy a single PC-ultra or two 20-39 Plus subs. I know de two 20-39 will have more output, but will they go as low as the ultra? Gr. Wim.
  4. 20-39 PC-Plus

    Where does this sub sit in the SVS line compared to a box? Would it have the same or more output/bass then the PB12-NSD?
  5. 16-46 vs. 20-39 in 12hz tune (plus models)

    I realize that the 20-39 plus is the match for the PB12 Plus box. I also realize that it is NOT recommended to use two port bungs to lower the tune too much. BUT what's the difference between a 20-39 with two port bungs and a 16-46 with one port bung (both tuned to 12hz)? does that mean the...
  6. Old db12.2 vs. newer 12.3 woofer in 20-39 PC-Plus

    Hi: Just wondering if it would be worth changing out the older db12.2 woofer for the current 12.3 woofer?. I have an older(2003) 20-39 PC-Plus sub, which I presume has the older woofer. Is there much of a difference sonically between the 12.2 and the 12.3? Has anyone here changed their woofers...
  7. Current (12.3) THD tests run on 20-39 PC+...?

    Hi all, I have been looking for FR and THD graphs for a 20-39 PC+ using the new 12.3 drivers. Iikka has results posted for a PB12 Plus/2 with 12.3 drivers, and since I have a pair of 20-39 cylinders, is that relatively close? Somewhere I read that the new 12.3 drivers are very close to the...
  8. PB12-NSD good as 20-39 PCi

    Well my birthday is in September and I'm going to celebrate by upgrading my Dayton 10" sub to something better. I've decided on SVS and am really excited about getting something ordered. My room size right now is 20x30x10. I know, it's huge. I say "right now" though because I'm in the military...
  9. Dual SVS 20-39 PC+ question

    First, a little back history: I have been wanting an SVS ever since I started reading the reviews on HTF, and I finally got one in February 2006: a 16-46 PCi. The problem was that I jumped in without doing my homework (ie. emailing Ron & Tom with my room specs). Turns out that, as hard as it...
  10. REW Graph - Before & After BFD - SVS PCI 20-39

    REW Forum
    Using the new RS digital SPL meter calibration file and REW, SVS PCI 20-39, crossover on my Yamaha receiver is fixed at 90 Hz, here are my results: Before - Sub only: After - Sub only: After - Sub & Lft/Rt Mains: All graphs together: